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Q = mc (delta T) = 32.5 x 1 x (75-34) = 1332.5 cal

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Shouldn't the one be 4.18 because that is the amount of heat energy it requires to raise the temp. Right?
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boiling =100c so need to heat by 100-47 = 53 degrees 53*32 =1696 calories

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Q: Calculated the energy to heat 32 grams of liqiud water from 47c to boiling?
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Calculate the boiling point of a solution of 10 grams of sodium chloride in 200 grams of water?

The boiling point will be approx. 100,81 0C at 760 mm col. Hg.

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What is the boiling point of a solution of 72.4 grams of glycerol dissolved in 122.5 grams of water?

First find the molality--convert the 72.4 grams into mols; convert the grams of water into kilograms. Divide the mols by the Kg, which gives you 6.419m.No need to find the mol ions since it's a molecular compound.The molar boiling point constant for water is 0.51.Therefore:Tb=0.51(6.419)Tb=3.27since this is the boiling point elevation and we're trying to discover the new boiling point, add this number to 100 (the average boiling point of water)the final answer is 103.27o c

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The density of the of the charge carries can be calculated is by doing 197 grams times 19.3 grams and see what you get as you done calculating .

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Weight in grams per cubic centimetre.

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molar masse acetone: 58.08 g/mol 43.9g/58.08g/mol =0.75585mol the energy required for vaporization to a gas is... 0.75585molx29.1KJ/mol =21.995KJ

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Assuming all have equal velocity the greater mass (20000g) will have the greater kinetic energy.

How many kilojoules of heat are absorbed when 70.00 grams of water is completely vaporized at its boiling point?


How do I covert calories into grams?

You can't. Calories are a unit of energy and grams are units of mass.