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This may be trick question.

In practise to make up the octet which would give sodium the electronic configutration of Argon, there is ony space for 7.

However the electronic confugration of sodium is [Ne]3s1

The outer shell, 3, has the following orbitals.

3s, three p orbtals 3px, 3py, 3pz AND five d orbitals , and 3dx2, 3dxy, 3dyz, 3dzx, 3dx2-y2 (sorry the sufixes don't come out right- you need to look at a text book)

Theoretically then we have space for 18 electrons in the outershell, so sodium could take on 17!

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Q: How many empty spaces are there for electrons on the outer ring of sodium?
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How many valence electrons are needed to fill sodiums outer shell?

Sodium has ONE valence electron in its outer shell that is to be donated to any kind of oxidant. By then the outer (3rd) shell (of the Na+ ion) is EMPTY, so the 2nd shell has become the outmost, containing 8 electrons (Ne-configuration). No electrons at all are taken up by sodium.

How many outer ring electrons does a sodium atom have?

Sodium has one electron in its outer ring.

Why sodium and magnesium valency 1?

magnesium has 2 outer electrons, its valence is 2+ sodium has 1 outer electrons, its valence is 1+

How many elements contain the same number of outer electrons as sodium?

The number of elements that contain the same type of outer electrons as sodium is 11.

What happens for an atomic emission of photons to occur?

Electrons fall from higher energy state to lower energy state in atoms. This can be from outer shells to empty spaces in inner shells or from outside the atom to an empty space in a shell.

What are the different elements that contain the same number of outer electrons as sodium?

All of the elements in group 1 on the periodic table contain the same number of outer electrons as sodium, which is 1.

How many electrons does sodium have in its outer most shell?

Sodium is in the third group in the periodic table. It meens that sodium has three shell. First shell - 2 electrons, second shell - 8 electrons, third shell (outer energy level) - 1 electron.

How many electrons does sodium have in it's outer orbit?

Sodium has 1 electon in it's outer orbit, 8 in the second and 2 in the first.

Sodium should gain 7 or lose its outer electrons?

Sodium will lose 1 electron in its compounds.

How many electrons are in a neutral sodium's outer energy level?

One electron in 3s orbital of sodium

How many Chlorine electrons are in the outer shell of a sodium atom?

None - the electron goes from sodium TO the chlorine.

How many electrons does Sodium need to fill it's outer energy level?

It needs to lose one electron so that it can have 8 electrons in its outer orbital