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Hydrogen reacts with sulfur in the proportions dictated by this equation:

H2 + S --> H2S. The reactants are in a 1:1 proportion with each other, so 1.72 moles of hydrogen will react with 1.72 moles of sulfur.

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Q: How many moles of H will react with 1.72 moles of S?
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How many moles of which reactant will remain if 1.39 moles of N and 3.44 moles of H will react to form ammonia find out how many grams of ammonia can be formed and how many moles of limiting reactant?

3,44 moles H2 react with 1,146 moles NH3. The limiting reactant is hydrogen. O,244 moles N2 remain. 19,5 g NH3 are obtained.

How many moles of potassium hydroxide are needed to neutralize 3 moles of nitric acid?

3 moles KOH to neutralize 3 moles HNO3 : 3 mol OH- will react with 3 mol H+

The relative number of moles of hydrogen to moles of oxygen that react to form water represents what?

The ratio H/O is 2.

How many moles are in 20.0g H?

The answer is 10 moles.

How many moles of H are there in 2.1 moles of H3PO4?


How many moles of H are in 4.56 moles of NH2NH2?


If there are 5.00 mol of H How many moles of C2H4O2 are present?

5.00 moles H x 1 mole C2H4O2/4 moles H = 1.25 moles of C2H4O2 present.

How many moles of NaOH do you need to react with CH3CO2H?

One mole to react with ONE mole CH3COOH (ethaancarbonic acid) because it has only ONE proton (H+) to react with, the other 3 Hydrogen's are not proteolytic (=NON-acidic)

How many moles of H are in 2 mol of c8h18?

2 moles C8H18 (18 moles H/1 mole C8H18) = 36 moles of hydrogen =================

How many moles of H are in 2.95 moles of water?

2.95 mole H2O (2 moles H/1 mole H2O) = 5.90 moles hydrogen ------------------------------

How many H atoms are there in 4.37 moles of H?

The number of atoms is 52,63.10e23.

How many moles of nitrogen are required to react with 3.4 moles of hydrogen to form ammonia feterlizer?

To form ammonia, reaction is N(2) + 3H(2) ---> 2NH(3) + H(2)O. As you can see for 1 mole of nitrogen three moles of hydrogen is required. Hence for your question, 1.13 moles nitrogen is required.