Is KMnO4 polar

Updated: 8/10/2023
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KMNO4 is ionic and so can be considered polar.

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6.38 g/100 ml (20 °C) in water

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It is Ionic and not molecular, or acidique you are dealing with potassium (K), and permanganate (Mno4) which is a polyatomic ion.

Kmno4 is ionic.

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Q: Is KMnO4 polar
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Chemical symbol for permanganate?

The formula for potassium permanganate is KMnO4

What are kmno4?

acidicness number of kmno4

What is is the formula for potassium permanganate?


How many grams of potassium permanganate KMnO4 are in 2.55 moles?

The compound potassium permanganate has chemical formula KMnO4 Molecular mass of KMnO4 = 39.1 + 54.9 + 4(16.0) = 158.0 Mass of KMnO4 = amount of KMnO4 x Molecular mass of KMnO4 = 2.55 x 158.0 = 403g

What elements are in potassium permangante?

Potassium Hydroxide is KOH and potassium permanganate is KMnO4.

What is Valency of k in kmno4?

tell me about the vlance of Mn in KMnO4

What is the chemical formula for Condys Crystals?

Formula: KMnO4

What is the mass of 2.55 mol of KMnO4?

Number of moles= Mass/molar mass (g/mol) Hence Mass= mol × molar mass Mol=2.55 Molar mass of KMnO4= 39+55+(16×4)= 158g/mol Where K=39, Mn=55 and O =16 Hence Mass of KMnO4 in 2.55 mols of the compound= 2.55×158= 402.9g.

Why does alkene reacts kmno4?

KMnO4 will react with compounds having unsaturation (double bond or triple bond). Since alkenes have double bond, it will react with KMnO4 and decolourize dilute KMnO4 solution.

IS KNO3 polar or non polar?

KMnO4 is potassium permanganate. It is a salt with an ionic formula of K+ MNO4-. Polar and non polar usually refer to molecular compounds and give an indication of their solubility. The bond between Mn and O in the permanganate ion is polar covalent.

Is KMnO4 a strong or weak electrolyte?

KMnO4 is a strong electrolyte.

In manufacture of potassium permanganate by electrolysis of k2mno4 what should be the equivalent weight of kmno4 how much kmno4 will be produced by 96478 coulombs or one farady?

Equivalent weight of KMnO4 is equal with molar weight of KMnO4. The some is and for K2MnO4, K2MnO4 - e +OH- --------- KMnO4 + KOH In general, Equivalent weight = Molar weight / Number of electrons that take or give one molecule Equivalent weight of KMnO4 = Molar weight of KMnO4 / 1