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When a neutralization reaction occurs salt and water are formed.

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salt is a neutralized ionic product of acid and base having a cation derived from base and an anion derived from acid.

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Q: Neutralization reaction and salt in the same sentence?
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What is the reaction between acids and alkali called - a what reaction?

It's a single replacement or a reduction-oxidation reaction. Both mean the same thing. An alkali metal has a initial charge of zero and then switches places with the hydrogen molecule, to form a salt and hHydrogen gas.Example: Na + HCl -> NaCl + H.Where hydrogen ions go from a 1+ charge to a zero charge (all elements in standard state have zero charge) and sodium metal goes from a zero charge to a 1+.This reaction is called a neutralization reaction.

What best describes a neutralization reaction?

A reaction that removes essentially all H+ and OH-

Why is the heat of neutralization for HBr reacting with NaOH and HNO3 reacting with KOH solution be identical?

First, write the net-ionic reactions for both neutralization reactions. Notice anything? They have the same net-ionic reaction! So, their heats of neutralization will be the same.

How does neutralization change the pH numbers of an acid?

When anything is neutralized, the pH value moves closer to 7. In addition, when a weak acid is being neutralized, a buffer is also being formed, until all the weak acid has been converted to the salt.

How are salts the same?

Salts are the products of a neutralization reaction; they contain a positive and negative ion.

What is a change that has the same substances as reactants and products?

It is a change in state. For instance, water may undergo boiling to form water vapour. The reactants and products are chemically the same, which is H2O. Another example would be the sublimation of ammonium chloride, where it changes directly from a solid to a gas.The change from reactants to products is called as a chemical reaction. According to the key reaction involved there are several types of reactions. For example, an acid and a base undergo a neutralization reaction to produce a salt and water as products.

Happens when an acid is added to a base?

If you add the same quantity of an acid and a base it will become neutral.i.e forms salt and water

Is neutralization an endothermic or exothermic process?

neutralization is exothermic because the reaction of the strang base and strong acid produces heat. In other words, if you take the enthalpy of the products minus that of the reactants, you will find that the overall enthalpy is negative. Hope that helps!

Use chemical reaction and precipitate in the same sentence?

they both relate to science

What is the heat of neutralization of nitric acid?

The Enthalpy of neutralization of all strong acids are almost the same. It is between -58 to -59 kilojoules per mole.

Is Mixing sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid to form table salt and water a redox reaction?

No. It is an acid-base reaction. All oxidation states stay the same.

What 2 things are always reactants in a nuetralization reaction?

I have no clue i am wondering the same thing hahaha ))Salt and Water. For example:HCl (strong acid) + NaOH (strong base) ---> NaCl (salt) + H2O