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Q: Which component for the following reaction is substrate for sucrose surcase water sucrase glucose fructose?
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What name is given to the following reaction sucrose water - glucose fructose?


An increase in enzyme or substrate concentration will?

An enzymatic reaction is an equilibrium reaction and the determiners of rate include enzyme and substrate concentration. An increase in either enzyme or substrate concentration will increase the rate of the reaction until one or the other component becomes saturated, beyond its ability to react or be reacted at a higher rate.

What is a catalase substrate?

A catalyse substrate is an extraordinary substrate that speed up the reaction in a enzyme.

Is yeast a substrate?

Yeast is a micro-organism. A substrate is the molecular precursor of a reaction. Yeast is not a substrate.

Why was there no increase in the reaction rate with 8.0g. of substrate compared to 4.0g. of substrate?

because the amount of the other variables are the same, no change. once 4.0 g of lactose substrate or whatever it is is at it's maximum reaction rate, it can do no one reaction therefore there was no reaction in the 8.0 g of substrate. Because the reaction volume was also doubled; so there was no change in concentration of substrate.

What is a substance on which an enzyme acts during a chemical reaction?

Substrate. SUBSTRATE

What are the roles of catalyst and a substrate in a chemical reaction?

A catalyst, such as an enzyme, lowers the activation energy of a reaction. A substrate is a substance in the reaction that is being catalyzed.

What is the difference between a substrate and a catalyst?

Substrate and catalyst will both partake in a chemical reaction, but at the end of that reaction the substrate will be converted to a product which is structurally different to the substrate, while the catlyst is not structurally altered and will be able to catalyse more reactions with substrate.

What is a substrate in the context of enzyme reaction?

The substrate is the substance that the enzyme acts upon.

Describe the relationship between substrate concentration and the initial reaction rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction Is this a linear relationship What happens to the initial reaction rate as sub?

As the substrate concentration increases so does the reaction rate because there is more substrate for the enzyme react with.

In an enzymatic reaction the substrate binds to the enzyme at the?

The substrate binds to the enzyme at the active site.

What is a true of a substrate?

It acts as a reactant. In a chemical reaction A substrate is a molecule that is reacted on by enzymes.

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