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it is just a quantum property, its further away from the nucleus

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Q: Why is the 2s subshell of heigher energy than the 1s subshell?
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Why is transfer of electron from 2s subshell to 1s subshell not possible?

For a 2s subshell to be present, the 1s subshell must first be full, which means no more electrons can be moved into the 1s subshell.

How can you tell the difference between 1s subshell and 3s subshell?

You can tell the difference between 1s subshell and 3s subshell using quantum numbers and electron configuration.

Why electrons pairing start with only 2p orbital in P subshell?

Electrons start pairing in the 1s orbital. A 1s orbital can take two electrons, represented by 1s2.

How a 1s orbital different from a 2s orbital in terms of size?

The 2s orbital is larger than the 1s orbital and is higher in energy.

He highest level of occupied energy in element?


How many orbitals in first energy level?

One only - 1s.

How many orbitals in the first energy level?

One only - 1s.

All of the orbitals in a subshell have the same energy?

Orbitals having the same first two quantum numbers are degenerate ... they have the same energy ... in the absence of a magnetic field.So all 1s orbitals in a given atom have the same energy, all 3d orbitals in a given atom have the same energy, etc.In a magnetic field, the spin degeneracy is removed, so that "spin up" and "spin down" electrons have different energies, even if they're in the same orbital.

Why are electrons in the 1s subshell much closer to the nucleus in Ar than in He?

It is due to the increased in the effective nuclear charge in argon. Helium has 2 protons in its nucleus. On the other hand, argon has 18 protons in its nucleus.Therefore, it has greater attractive power. Due to this, all the electrons are pulled closer to nucleus.

Why does helium has a higher first ionization energy than argon?

The ionisation energy depends on the orbital from which the electron is removed and also the distance of the orbital from the nucleus. In the case of Helium, the electron is removed from 1s orbital whereas in the case of argon it is from 3p orbital. As 1s is closer to the nucleus, the force of attraction experience by these electrons is higher and hence helium will have higher 1st ionisation energy.

What is the first energy level of an electron?

The K shell's 1s orbital is te first energy level of an electron.

How does 2s orbital differ from a 1s orbital?

1s and 2s orbitals differ in that 2s orbitals lie farther away from the nucleus in the next principle energy level. Other than that, they occupy the same shape of orbital, spherical, as indicated by the s.