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Seemingly no.

Sai has attempted to capture Sasuke at one point and failed, also. Sasuke beat Sai, Naruto, Sakura and Yamato all at once, before Orochimaru stopped the fight.

so it actually sasuke is stronger...

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It is yet undetermined. But probably he will become stronger then Sasuke eventually.

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Yes, a little bit.

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Q: Does Naruto become stronger than sauske?
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Who is stronger naruto with ninetails control or sasuke?

well after naruto defeated pain zetzu said that naruto was probably now stronger than sauske. added with his control of the 9-tials, naruto is probably stronger or at the same level as sauske

Is Sasuke stronger than orochimaru?

no!! sasuke is the stronger than neji he can't never defeat sasuke .. joBEN10

Who is stronger saskue or itachi?

Well, itachi is a ninja prodigy. he is quite stronger than sauske. he have a better chakra control than sauske, can do hand seals with incredible speed than anyone else in the Naruto world. he have better sharingan control than sauske, and can keep his sharingan active nearly all the time. he also have incredible speed, which neither kakashi nor sauske can match, as evident in shippuden. he also have great mangekyou sharingan control. so, itachi is one of the most powerful ninja. some weenies think that since sauske killed itachi, so sauske is stronger, but they should remind that itachi was suffering from fatal illness, and was only alive due to intake of various medicines, only to live long enough to get killed by sauske's hand. he loved sauske very much, than anything else in the world, that's why he massacred his clan but saved sauske. itachi wanted to make sauske enough strong so that he can face top ninjas, as he tried to make him as strong like himself. but after the itachi's illness, sauske was still not able to beat itachi, itachi came towards sasuke with his susanoo activated, he came as he was coming to take sauske's eyes, but he poked him and taunted him and said," forgive me sauske, it ends with this", and he coughed blood and died in front of sauske. remember, sauske didn't kill itachi. itachi gave up to sauske. so itachi is the most powerful ninja.

If Sasuke Versed Nagato who would win?

if sauske battled nagato-pein sauske would win because of his mangeykyou sharingan also if naruto can beat nagato than sauske can beat nagato.

Who do you like better Naruto or Sauske?

i think naruto is better than sasuke coz naruto gives importance to friends but sasuke ignored karin as well as tried to kill sakura who was then saved by naruto as well as naruto and sasuke both have grown getting new power but still the power given by itachi to naruto is still unknown which might become naruto's advantage. Then again, sauske has amaterasau,chidori,mangyekou sharingan,and kirin. He also has Hebi( later known as Taka) on his side. Sauske also posses the power of the white snake he stole from Orochimaru. Sauske accidently got the black fire from amatersau on Karin, but saved her. So i dissagree with the last answer. In total, they are both even.

Is Jaraya stronger than Naruto?

Before Naruto could master Sage Mode, JIraiya was stronger than Naruto. Now that Naruto mastered Sage Mode and controlled Kurama, he is now stronger than Jiraiya.

Is naruto stronger than orchimaru?

Yes. Because orochimaru was weaker than sasake and naruto is stronger than sasuke.

Who is faster Rock Lee or Sasuke?

It's Rock Lee. But Sauske is stronger than him by a landslide.

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?

Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

Is sauske more powerful than Naruto?

With Naruto mastering sage mode even better than jiraiya, sasuke does not have a chance unless he unleashes his new sharingan after killing Itachi

Is saske storger than Naruto?

no, sasuke is not stronger than naruto. because of the nine-tailed fox, naruto has more chakra, and is therefore stronger. sasuke can be stronger than naruto, but he is too bent on revenge, naruto can kick sasuke's bottom any day of the week