How hot does a chi flat iron get?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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From my own experiences, it ranges from mildly warm, to feeling like your body is on fire. I take it you have experienced that "ice/burn" feeling you feel when doing Tai Chi. Depending on the style, the intensity varies. I experimented with the opening moves, the first 10, to see how it would feel, of all 5 orthodox styles;

1) The Yang

2) Wu

3) Hao

4) Chen

5) and Sun

And of those 5, the style that caused me to "burn up" the most hotly was the Sun style. When practicing Sun Tai Chi, your body will start to burn up, to the point where its almost uncomfortable. The Yang style is generally pretty moderate, where the Wu, Hao, and Chen all take a while. The first 10 moves are easy to do, and teach yourself, even from a book, however if you are planning on learning the rest of the form you need either a DVD, or, preferably a teacher. A teacher, that is, willing to correct your form. Its not enough to go, someone in front shows you what to do, and then you do it over and over; there has to be someone there constantly correcting, watching your every move, its the only way to attain Kung Fu. At least its the fastest way.

You can only acquire Kung Fu under the watchful eye of a devoted instructor, and on on your own time, you yourself take responsibility by actively meditating and purifying your own soul. If you are unemployed, or a teenager about to enter summer vacation with no job, and you have all day to train, you MAY attain Kung Fu on your own if you meditate so much (roughly 8 hours every day), your soul is purified, and "everything you do is good." The Samurai Munenori Yagyu wrote, that an accomplished meditator, someone who has perfected their soul, all their actions are naturally graceful, not just their Martial Arts. When the soul is perfected, gracefulness of movement occurs naturally without you even noticing. Miyamoto Musashi, possessed the overwhelming advantage over the other Japanese swordsmen of his day, because he spent part of his teenage years in solitary confinement.

Musashi's childhood, was a difficult one; the way his father trained him was abusive, and considered brutal even by the Samurai of his time. When Musashi was 12 years old, he witnessed a Samurai brutally beating a boy. As with all cases of child abuse, that probably triggered some unpleasant memories, thus, he charged the Samurai and taken by surprise, the Samurai was beaten to death with a log that Musashi grabbed from a nearby pile that was intended to be used for firewood. Because Musashi had killed a man in a situation not involving an officially sanctioned duel, he was tried for murder, and poised to be executed, until the Buddhist priest Takuan Soho, who was highly respected by many Samurai lords, interceded on Musashi's behalf. Rather than execution, Takuan suggested Musashi be placed in solitary confinement in an isolated cabin for 3 years. From the age of 12 to 15, all Musashi did all day, was meditate. No martial arts, no fancy training methods, just Buddhist meditation, with the occassional lecture on this Buddhist scripture or that by Takuan, and every once in a while a game of Shogi. Musashi, and this much is known, was very adept at Shogi. So, what does this have to do with anything? Musashi was able to achieve prodigious martial art skill "without a teacher," because of the Buddhist meditation of course that Musashi "had no teacher" is not true. He had no teacher in MARTIAL ARTS, but he DID have a teacher, in MEDITATION, which many martial artists in East Asia in fact consider even more important. Whatever the Buddhist priest Takuan Soho taught Musashi about the mind, obviously worked, because Musashi was undefeated in 60 duels, and in one incident, forced to defend himself a sword school, he single handedly killed around 200 men.

Musashi in fact DID have a teacher, although, he was not a teacher of martial arts he was a teacher of Buddhism, and meditation. Unless you have the time, and more importantly, the willpower to meditate for 12 long hours like Musashi did, I would not suggest training on your own, especially with stuff dealing with "chi." Some things are perfectly safe; like the Zhang Zhuang "tree hugger" posture (nei kung; "internal work"), training yourself to hold the horse stance, but, for more advanced stuff you need a teacher. Now, if you think you can handle it, if you want to balance and circulate your chi faster than it would normally take, I would suggest studying the Sun style of Tai Chi. Sun Lu Tang was rare among Chinese martial artists; he was rare in his time, in that he was the last recognized master, to receive a classical Chinese education, but in addition to that, he was the only internal martial artist in Chinese history to have mastered THREE internal styles. Only one style of Kung Fu, is difficult enough to truly perfect, much less three of them. Additionally, he was fully versed in the Daoist arts, I'm not sure which school he studied under though. I do know for sure, he was an accomplished and accurate user of the I-Ching; he was trained in its use by a Daoist priest, this was no fortune teller he learned its use from, he knew the "proper" way to interpret it. Sun Lu Tang was fully immersed in Daoism, that is why therefore the Sun style of Tai Chi, is the style that can most reliably be said to be 100% daoist. Even the Yang style, has many Buddhist influences, because many of the techniques you see in the Yang style are in fact derived from Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin, is a Buddhist school of Kung Fu, and the Chen style, also, is largely derived from Buddhism. Why does it matter? If you wish to practice Tai Chi, as intended by Daoist philosophy, the best way to go is the Sun style.

Assuming of course you can handle the intensity of the chi circulation; chi can get pretty hot but don't worry, nothing bad will happen. You are not going to accidentally set yourself on fire or something.


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Depending on the model, the Chi flat iron can get as hot as 350-400 degrees.

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Q: How hot does a chi flat iron get?
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