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Yes because his mother in a member of the village hidden in the whirlpool, and their apart of the Senju Clan who didnt agree with the Senju Clan/Uchia Clan alliance.

The Uzumaki clan of Uzushiogakure and the Senju clan of Konohagakure are distantly related.

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Q: Is naruto related to the senju clan?
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Is Naruto related to the First Hokage through the Senju clan?

Naruto is related to the first hokage. The Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan are distant blood relatives.

Is naruto related to Tsunade?

Technically, yes, they are related, though remotely, because the Uzumaki clan is distantly related to the Senju clan. Naruto's descendancy from the Uzumaki clan and Tsudnade's being the granddaughter of the First Hokage, from the Senju clan, makes them distantly related.

Is Naruto somehow related to the First Hokage?

Nope. Hashirama Senju was the first Hokage. Madara was Mizukage (Water Shadow) at an unknown time.

Is Naruto from the Senju clan?

No, he isn't a direct decendant.

Is Naruto part Uchiha?

no he is not, from what i understand the raikudo sage had two sons and as time passed by one of the sons clan became the uchiha and the other one is senju clan. Naruto Uzumaki's mother Kushina is from the Whirpool country. The Uzumaki clan is a distant relative of the senju clan I agree with the person above me. However, in the manga ch. 500, according to Kushina when she was talking to Naruto about the history of their clan, the Senju Clan are distant relatives to the Uzumaki clan which makes the Uzumaki clan ancestors of the Sage of Six Paths through the Younger Brother. Another interesting thing about it is that since the Uchiha Clan and possibly the Hyuga Clan came from the line of the Elder Brother who is the brother of the Younger Brother that contains the Senju and Uzumaki Clans, this makes Sasuke and Naruto distant cousins since they are both descendants of the Sage of Six Paths. This can explain how and why Naruto and Sasuke are both extremely powerful shinobi and that they are destined since birth to become rivals and bestfriends. Not only is Naruto distantly related to Sasuke, he is also distantly related to Itachi Uchiha, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju,Tsunade, Nawaki, Neji Hyuga, Hinata and Hanabi Hyuga, Nagato and Madara Uchiha.

Why did madara said that naruto has have the blood lines of senjo clan?

well because the senju and the uzumaki clan are distance relatives

What evidence is there that Naruto isn't a descendant of the senju clan?

In the Naruto series, it is established that Naruto is not a direct descendant of the Senju clan through bloodline inheritance. Naruto's lineage is connected to the Uzumaki clan, known for their strong life force and sealing techniques. The Uzumaki clan's affiliation with the Senju clan is through marriage and alliances, not direct descent.

What is tsunades second name?

Tsunade's full name is Tsunade Senju. She comes from the Senju clan, one of the founding clans of Konohagakure in the Naruto series.

Is asuma related to naruto?

In some ways they were by these reasons: -Naruto has a wind element, Azuma has a wind element too. -Azuma's father was the third hokage, and the Hokages are of the same clan the "Senju Clan", Naruto's father was a Hokage too.. -so this proves that Naruto and Azuma are somehow related, but in a far far relation. Manga hasn't shown their relation. So they are not related.

Are naruto people allowed to marry other clan?

Yes. Take the instance when the First Hokage [Senju clan], married a lady from Uzushiogakure [Uzumaki clan].

Can naruto people marry other people from diff clan?

Yes. Take the instance when the First Hokage [Senju clan], married a lady from Uzushiogakure [Uzumaki clan].

Is there a namikaze clan?

It has not yet been revealed that there is a Namikaze clan, but mostly not since the 4th hokage has to be from the Senju clan. In the latest manga chapters, Tobi (Madara Uchiha) says that he senses Senju blood in Naruto, and it can't be from his mother because she is from the former land of Whirlpool. So there is mostly no Namikaze clan.