What is svr on WWE 2011?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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SVR 2011 (Smackdown! vs Raw) is a Wrestling game developed by Yuke's. It was published in October 2010 by THQ. The game can be played on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PSP.

It's a very good game. Certainly the best of the 12 games in the SVR series. I recommend you try it if you like wrestling. It's a good game to play some minutes now and then when you're bored and wants to have some fun.

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Q: What is svr on WWE 2011?
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Does svr 2011 ps2 have WWE universe?

Yes ,Because 2011 Is The Beast

Will hornswoggle be in WWE svr 2011?

yes but as an unplayable manager

Is nexus coniformed in WWE svr 2011?

No that's why i hate it

Is their going to be a gm mode in svr 2011?

no gm mode is NOT going to be on wwe 2011

How long does WWE universe last in svr 2011?

It never ends.

How do you acess WWE shop svr ps2?

you need an online connection to get to the wwe shop for svr 2011. but the ps2 no longer has online so really you just can't(if you have a ps2).

Are there any caw formulas for wwe svr 2011 on psp?

go to

How do you get all crowd signs svr 2011?

unlock all the wwe superstars

Will WWE svr 2011 be more realistic?

hey man i thing so

How do you download WWE svr 2011 DLC pack 2 onto your PS3?

go to wwe shop and you find it

How do you unlock Yoshi tatsu in WWE svr 2011 ps2?

you can unlock yoshi tatsu by playing wwe universe

What is svr 2012?

It's a wwe game series .SvR 2012 will be released in 2011 about october. It's the 8th game in the series.