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He was 78 when he discovered his thesis statement

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Q: Hernando De Soto's thesis statement
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Who were Hernando de soto's friends?

we're not sure who hernando de sotos friends were sorry

When did Hernando De Sotos voyage begin?

Catland wisher

When was Hernando de sotos born?

Hernando de Soto was born sometime between 1496 and 1497. It is not known for sure.c.1500

What was Hernando De Sotos goal?

Hernando de Soto's main goal is to conquer and explore Florida and bring back gold,silver,and riches for the king and queen

What did Hernando de Sotos ship look like?

i think it had these big thingis on the top and watever

What was Hernando de Sotos Education?

He was Very well educated and because his family was rich he had alot of education.

Who were Hernando de sotos parents?

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer as well as a conquistador. His father's name was Francisco Mendez de Soto, and his mother's name was Leonor Arias Tinoco.

Is there such a person as Fernando de Soto and don't confuse him with Hernando de Soto?

No doubt throughout history there have been many Fernando de Sotos, but nobody famous springs to mind, or through many searches, both online and libraries.

Who was the wife of Hernando Cortes?

he was married twice the 1st ones name was catalina juarez the 2nd one was named dona juana de zunig

Why was Hernando de soto's expedition a failure?

they didnt find any gold

How did Hernando de soto's life change after becoming an explorer?

he found the Mississippi river and conquered Peru

What was the name of Hernando de sotos ships?

Esperanza, San Christoval, and Miguel.