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nitrogen is only one atom

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Q: How do you calculate total nitrogen?
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Do you calculate total organic nitrogen by adding nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen?

I believe you determine Organic Nitrogen by subtracting Ammonia Nitrogen from Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen.

How do you calculate non-protein calories to nitrogen ratio?

divide the total grams of protein by 6.25 to find out gm of nitrogen. Calculate the total number of non protein calorie. Divide the total # of NPC by gm of nitrogen will bw the answer.

How do you calculate total nitrogen in organic manure?

Organic manure has liquid fraction and solid fraction bot contains an amout of nitrogen. So we cannot simply add them together

If the excretion of nitrogen balance exceeds the nitrogen intake the condition is called what?

Positive nitrogen balance occurs when the total nitrogen excreted in the urine, feces and sweat is less than the total nitrogen ingested. Positive nitrogen balance must exist for new tissue to be synthesized. When dietary protein intake or total energy intake is inadequate to maintain tissues total nitrogen balance, negative nitrogen balance occurs and new tissue is unable to be synthesized.

What is the formula to calculate urine urea nitrogen?

(amino acid (grams)/ 6.25)-(UUNg (urine urea nitrogen) +4g)

How do you calculate nitrogen balance?

Nitrogen Balance = Nitrogen intake - Nitrogen loss Nitrogen intake = Protein intake (g/day) / 6.25 Urinary Urea Nitrogen (UUN) determined with 24hr urine collection Nitrogen loss = UUN (g/day) + 4g (to account for random nitrogen loss)

How do you calculate total room revenue?

how do calculate total of rooms revenue

What is the total percent of nitrogen?

the answer is78%

The nitrogen atoms in a molecule of N2 share a total of?

6 total electrons are shared in a nitrogen molecule - 3 from each atom.

What is the total number of electrons in nitrogen?

The Nitrogen Atom possesses seven protons in its nucleus; therefore the electrically neutral atom of Nitrogen has seven electrons in orbit about it.

What is the formula to calculate the total?

(answer)+(answer)= TOTAL

Why is nitrogen not involve in dulong's formula?

calculate the g.v.c,n.v.c using dulongs