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they have provided people with employment so that they could support their famlies basic needs.They also decreased the amont of taxes begin payed by this people so they also can go home with a suitable NET salary or wage

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Q: Measures the government has taken to alleviate poverty?
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What are the recent anti-poverty measures taken by the Indian government?

teri maan ko chodu

What is a major cause of poverty and unrest in South America?

Poverty in South America is primarily perceived as an urban phenomenon as 70% of the population live in cities. But in the rural areas poverty has become a more problematic issue. The indigenous peasants are the poorest people. The poverty is caused due to many reasons mainly unequal distribution of wealth. Poverty in South America is also a result of migration, internal conflicts and structural adjustments. In spite of having most of the natural resources South America is the home of the miserably poor people. Colonialism is not the soul reason behind this poverty. Higher fertility is one of the causes behind the Poverty of South America. South America Poverty is becoming a threat to social and political stability as well as public security. Drug addiction is a result of this poverty. It is also leading to environmental issues. To solve this problem is one of the major duties of the government, which needs international help n this matter. The food supply capacity is inadequate. This can affect the international economy and environment on a global scale. Some of the following measures should be followed to recover Poverty in South America The disparities should be corrected by providing support for poverty control. Collaboration with the Japanese descendants, Nikkei communities. Solving the environmental problems. Trade promotion measures should be taken. Regional integration should be given importance. Intra-regional cooperation should be address. Proper management of natural resources are required. Food-producing capacity should be maintained and improved. To find a permanent solution to this problem of Poverty in South America Poverty in South America government should take all necessary measures. This problem is not only affecting the countries but the world. So solving this issue has been a great challenge to humanity.

How can we reduce poverty and ensure basic amenities for every citizen of India?

Pay your taxes, donate to worthy organizations when you can, do not support businesses or people that support or exploit illegal migrant farmers and pickers, and remember that that person on the corner with a sign asking for spare change may be you one day. Poverty in India: Current Situation what is meant by poverty? Poverty is one of the main issues, attracting the attention of sociologists and economists. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to maintain a living standard adequate for a comfortable lifestyle. Though India boasts of a high economic growth, it is shameful that there is still large scale poverty in India. Poverty in India can be defined as a situation when a certain section of people are unable to fulfill their basic needs. India has the world's largest number of poor people living in a single country. Out of its total population of more than 1 billion, 350 to 400 million people are living below the poverty line. Nearly 75% of the poor people are in rural areas, most of them are daily wagers, landless laborers and self employed house holders. There are a number of reasons for poverty in India. Poverty in India can be classified into two categories namely rural poverty and urban poverty. Reasons for Poverty? Some of the basic reasons of rural poverty in India are: • Unequal distribution of income. • High population growth. • Illiteracy. • Large families. • Caste system. Problems Of Poverty? • Presence of malnutrition, illiteracy, diseases and long term health problems. • Unhygienic living conditions, lack of proper housing, high infant mortality rate, injustice to women and social ill-treatment of certain sections of society. Steps Taken by Government to Reduce Rural Poverty ? The government of India has been trying its best to remove poverty. Some of the measures which the government has taken to remove rural poverty are: • Small farmer's development Programme. • Drought area development Programme. • Minimum needs Programme. • National rural employment Programme. • Assurance on employment. Causes for Urban Poverty? Improper training • Slow job growth. • Failure of PDS system

How business service improvements might be limited by legislation?

Legislation may require some health and safety measures be taken as improvements are being implemented. These measures could limit the effectiveness of the service improvements.

What are the steps taken by government of india to increase agricultural produce?

it has done nothing

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What are the recent anti-poverty measures taken by the Indian government?

teri maan ko chodu

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