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Updated: 10/10/2023
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Pax et bonum!

Francis_of_Assisiused to greet those he met on the road with the greeting Pax et bonum, which means Peace and all good. Here is the translation of Pax et bonum in a number of languages (sorted alphabetically according to language):

Vrede en alles wat goed is! (Afrikaans)

السلام و كل خير (Arabic)

Xanti aru sob Bhaal (Axomiya)

Peoc'h ha madelezh! (Breton)

Мир и всичко добро! (Bulgarian)

Pau i Be! (Catalonian)

平安幸福! (Chinese tr.)

Mir i dobro! (Croatian)

Pokoj a dobro! (Czech)

Fred og alt godt! (Danish)

Vrede en alle goeds! (Dutch)

Vrede en al het goede (Dutch, alternative)

Peace and all good! (English)

Pacon kaj ĉiu bonon (Esperanto)

Bakea eta ongia! (Euskera-Basque)

Rauhaa ja kaikkea hyvää! (Finnish)

Paix et bonheur! (French)

Paz e ben! (Galician)

Friede und alles Gute! (German)

Freden un all Good! (German, Plattdeutsch)

Eirini Kai Kalo! (Greek)

Eirene Kai agatha! (old Greek)

Ka maluhia a me ka maika'i wale nō! (Hawaiian)

Shalom v'kol tuv! File:PaxEtBonumHewbrew.gif(Hebrew)

Shanti aur shubh kaamnaa (Hindi)

Frere un hääl (Hinner-pälzisch)

Aldas, Bekesseg! (Hungarian)

Damai Dan Segala Yang Baik (Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesian)

Siochan agus maitheas! (Irish)

Pace e bene! (Italian)

Shanti matthu Summanisina Hosathana (Kannada, India)

Samaadan aani Boremponn (Konkanni, India)

ئاشتى و هه موو باشية ك (Kurdish)

Pax et bonum! (Latin)

Paċi u risq! (Maltese)

Fred og alt godt! (Norwegian)

Pokój i dobro! (Polish)

Paz e Bem ! (Portuguese - Portugal/Brazil)

Pacea si Binele! (Romanian)

Мир и всево хорошево! (Russian)

Мир і добрo! (Serbian)

Runyararo ne Kunaka! (Shona)

Pokoj a dobro! (Slovak)

Mir in dobro! (Slovenian)

¡Paz y bien! (Spanish)

Fred och allt gott ! (Swedish)

Kapayapaan at kabutihan! (Tagalog, Philippines)

Samathanamum nallathum (Tamil, Sri Lanka)

அமைதியும் அனைத்து நன்மையும் (Tamil, Tamilnadu)

Shanti mariyu shubhamu (Telugu, India)

Dame Dohot Sude Na Denggan (Toba-batak, Sumatra, Indonesia)

Huzur ve iyilik üstüne olsun! (Turkish)

Мир і всього добра! (Ukrainian)

Kaane Wöön und ollas Guade! (Viennese)

Bình An và Thiện Hảo (Vietnamese)

Jamm ak lu bax rek (Wolof)

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"Peace and moral good."

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Q: Definition of pax et bonum
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What is the motto of the Franciscans?

The motto of Franciscan is 'Pax et Bonum'.

What is 'pax et bonum' in English?

Peace and good is the English equivalent of 'pax et bonum'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'pax' means 'peace'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'bonum' means 'good'.

What language is Pax ET Bonum?


Why do pax and bonum have two different cases in the phrase pax et bonum?

They don't. Both are nominative singular. Pax is a feminine noun of the third declension, and bonum is a neuter form of the adjective bonus, -a, -um "good," used as a noun (just as English uses the adjective "good" as a noun in phrases such as "the battle between good and evil").In other words, the saying has parallelism, though it is referring to "the good" in general; "bonum" is a substantive referring to thegood, as in the more lengthy form of pax et bonum"may peaceandthe good thinghappen to you".

When was the motto Pax et Bonum used first?

Used by Saint Francis when he greeted or said goodbye to those he knew or met along his path of life.

What is the motto of Claret School of Quezon City?

Claret School of Quezon City's motto is 'Knowledge is best with virtue'.

How do you say peace and love in Latin?

Pax et amor.

You are looking for a phrase or saying in Latin as a remembrance to someone that has passed away does anyone know of any?

Here are a few that might be appropriate:Deus Misereatur - May God Have MercyDeus tecum - God be with you(Singular)Pax et bonum! - Peace and salvation!Pax tecum - May peace be with you (Singular)

What actors and actresses appeared in Bonum et Malum - 2011?

The cast of Bonum et Malum - 2011 includes: Nicholas Caplin as Antony Howard August Englund as Anton Philip Stenkula as Man on phone

What is the Latin translation of 'peace and joy'?

"Peace and Light" in Latin is Pax et Lux . It is also the Motto for Tufts University

What is the Latin for peace to you?

Pax ín tellús means Peace on Earth when translated into Latin.

How do you translate love and peace to latin?

Amor et pax.