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Things that are denser than water will not dissolve Custard Powder Coco Powder.

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Water is a polar molecule so all nonpolar molecules will not dissolve in water. Examples of nonpolar molecules are oil, wax, and ethane.

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These items do not dissolve in water:

Curry Powder



Wood Shavings

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Coward powder

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Q: What doesnt dissolve in water?
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When a substance doesnt dissolve in water what is it said to be?


Why doesnt magnesium sulfate dissolve in water?

Well...Magnesium sulfate actually does dissolve in water- you simply have to heat up the water.

What doesnt dissolve with water?

Oil and sand are two substances that will not dissolve in water.

Why doesnt oxygen dissolve in water?

Oxygen does dissolve in water, how do you think aquatic animals survive without dissolved oxygen.

A compound that doesnt dissolve in water?

There are many compounds that don't dissolve in water, but the most insoluble compound is mercury sulfide.

Why doesn't hot cocoa dissolve in cold water?

It doesnt dissolve in cold water because of the salt that hot cocoa contains

When a substance such as pepper doesnt dissolve in water its said to be?

A substance that does not dissolve in water is said to be insoluble (in water). It should be noted that pepper is soluble in water.

How would you determine the density of 10 grams of granular zinc?

using water displacement because it doesnt float on water and it doesnt dissolve in water

Why doesnt oil dissolve in ocean water?

The reason why oil doesn't dissolve in ocean water is because oil is nonpolar and water is polar.

What are insoluble solids and what are they called another name?

a solid that doesnt dissolve in water

Did organic compounds dissolve in polar solvent?

no because organic compounds are compounds containing carbons and doesnt dissolve in water.

How does salt and sugar dissolve in water?

---- ====== ====== it doesnt desolve you just cant see it ---- ====== ====== it doesnt desolve you just cant see it

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