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its Chevy 454 Big Block Engine

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Q: What engine block is 14015445 suffix code cfd?
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What engine block is 3849852 suffix code DA?

small block 283 64/67

Why does the suffix code on my Small Block 350 not exist in the database?

Repost the question and add the suffix code.

How can you find out info about a 1989 Chevy 454 engine and the casting number which is 14015445 also says hi performance underneath the flywheel?

14015445...454.......78-90...2 or 4 boltMortec.comYou can also contact General Motors directly, they don't like it but will answer your questions. Have the suffix code ready and they can tell you exactly when,where,what your motor is with the suffix code. Just let them know you are rebuilding it and need the information for the correct parts to purchase for the also is a great place to get info on the good stuff. Hope this helps.

How can you identify a factory replacement block in a 1967 Chevelle?

It will be in the suffix code stamped on the block. If it has a "CE" in the suffix code, regardless of displacement it's a replacement block. CE stands for "counter exchange."

What is the TAX suffix code on a small block Chevy?

Don't know what the letters stand for, but I found that suffix here: It shows on the chart what that engine was originally used for.

How do you determine engine number on 1970 Chevy Chevelle?

The way to determine the engine size, horsepower rating, and transmission mounted to it is the engine suffix code stamped on the block in front of the passenger side cylinder head. It is a three letter code. For example, an LS6 454 with a 4 speed transmission will have an engine suffix code of CRV. The VIN code will only tell you if the car had a V8 or L6 installed from the factory, but it won't tell you WHICH V8 or L6 was installed.

What is the suffix code for the word why?

there is no suffix for why or suffix code

What is the engine block code on a 1989 240sx se?


Is a 400 cubic in engine code to610clk a big block?


What motor is this 3970010 and on deck its C41117761 tkt?

Engine, not motor. It's a GM small block - probably the 5.7 liter/350 CID - but all GM small blocks with a 4.000" bore used that casting code at some point. Not sure what the second number is. It doesn't look like a VIN number or block suffix code. To know for sure what you have, look on the front passenger side of the engine. There'll be a small machined pad which will give you the block suffix code. Those numbers will tell you the year, size, horsepower rating, carb used, transmission used with it, and the type of vehicle it was mounted in.

How can you tell the different between h22 car engine and gsr car engine?

the gsr engine will have a code on the block in plain view that reads b18c1 or b18c the h22 will have a similar code on the block but it reads h22

What year is Chevy engine number 8970010?

You will need to provide the suffix code from front on the passenger side head of the engine.

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