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I know that nobody loves this answer, but military bootcamp results only prove it.. proper diet and exercise, combined with regular sleeping patterns and making sure your burning more calories then you consume, is the most permanent, most healthy and over all best way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight fast, and arent so concerned about doing it the "right" way, then take a quality multivitamin everyday, eat nothing but small portions cabbage and saurcraut 5 times a day, drink atleast 8 ounces of water with every meal, and run, run, run just as fast as you can, as long as you can, when your too tired to continue, stop and rest, once you catch your breath, do it again and repeat as much as possible. I went from 265-195 in 2 months doing that, its not the smartest choice, but desperate times call for desperate measures

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Q: What is the fastest way for men to lose weight?
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What is the fastest way to lose weight from you breast?

plastic surgery. there is NO way to "spot-reduce" fat through diet and/or exercise. if you lose weight, you lose it all over.

What is the fastest way to lose weight-eating healthy foods or doing exercise?

A combination of both is the fastest way to lose weight. You can't really get the results you want by doing just one or the other.

What is the best way to lose weight quickly you are 23 and weight around 86 kg?

There is no healthy way to lose weight quickly. The fastest way you can lose weight is eat well, sleep at least 8 hours each night with no interruptions and excercise regularly.

What do doctors recommend as the fastest way to lose fat safely?

The fastest way to lose weight safely is to follow a reasonable diet and a vigorous exercise regime. Shoot to lose 1-2 pounds a week. With lifestyle changes, you can keep the weight off and put it behind you for good!

How does diet compare with exercise as a fast way to lose weight?

Honestly? They go hand in hand; if you want to lose weight, the fastest way is to do both; watch what you eat and increase your exercise.

What is the fastest way to naturally gain muscle and lose weight?

The fastest way to gain muscle and lose weight, would to be running daily, aproximately 3 miles, and doing a simple ab workout, such as 20 pushups, 50 situps, and weight lifting for about 30 minutes everyday.

what's the fastest way to lose weight naturally test way to lose weight naturally?

I suggest you the Smoothie Diet program is an excellent program to lose weight , i will give u more details ... contact me via email : haronealgerino@Gmailcom

What is the fastest way to lose weight in eight months?

HCG weight loss, if done through a doctor you can expect to lose 4-8 pounds per week. Prices do vary, but results are amazing. It is a hormone that is released in pregnant women, but HCG is for both men and women!

What is the fastest way that someone can lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is to adopt a sensible diet, not one that starves you, and exercise in any way you can to use calories. Avoid stress that may drive you to seek comfort in food.

Can you switch from low calorie diet to low carb diet and still lose weight?

Of course you can! Low carb dieting is the fastest way to lose weight without starving yourself.

What is the fastest way to lose weight for a middle aged housewife?

The fastest way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit -- burn more than you consumer. Typically this is done through a low-calorie, nutrient dense diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and lean proteins. Someone trying to lose weight should also do both vigorous cardiovascular exercise and strength exercises.

What is the fastest natural way to lose weight?

The best way I would suggest would be by exercising. you should exercise for 1 or 2 hours a day.