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A judgment is a conceptualization. For example, the judgment that "this is a tree" separates (sorts, discriminates, divides, categorizes) this object from non-trees. Thus, to think conceptually is to separate. By way of contrast, to meditate on Oneness is not to conceptualize. As long as you stay stuck separating objects from each other and sorting them into different kinds, you are not focused on what they all have in common, their interconnectedness. Therefore, to meditate is NOT to think(conceptualize). As long as you keep thinking (conceptualizing), you are not really meditating at all.

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Q: When you are practicing Meditations for Manifesting there is one meditation that states 'My judgments prevent me from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances' what does this mean?
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What is the purpose of practicing Kunalini awakening meditation?

Kundalini awakening meditation is practiced because because of its ability to produce deep meditation, enlightenment, and bliss. One often experiences an electric current that runs through the spine while in this position.

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If its untolerable, better go for Medication for immediate relief. or else daily keep practicing Relaxation techniques. Meditation is an Excellent treatment for this kind of illnesses.

What religion emphasized meditation and self discipline as the way to reach nirvana?

Buddhism emphasizes meditation and self-discipline as the means to reach nirvana. Practicing mindfulness, mental concentration, and following the Eightfold Path are key components in the path to achieving enlightenment in Buddhism.

How is deep relaxation different from meditation?

It is very much the same. Developing a "clean" mind. It is easier to be more awake when practicing seated meditation than when being in deep relaxation lying. Some masters recommend not to practice lying relaxation for more than one hour, maybe because of the risk of getting drowsy. I am not sure why. Nevertheless, there is no such limit recommendation for seated meditation.

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Is meditation a mental or relaxation process?

While relaxation may result from practicing meditation, it is not the primary intent. And meditation is NOT a mental process. Meditation helps strengthen awareness. Meditation helps us to see that we are not the mind, not the emotions, not the body. Meditation brings a sense of calm. Meditation helps us to see that fulfilling the desires of the mind will not bring a lasting sense of contentment. Meditation has nothing to do with thinking. Meditation brings awareness to thinking, but awareness is beyond the mind. Thought is not spiritual. At the beginning, thought can be useful. For example, you may want to spend time thinking about your personality, observing how you behave in certain circumstances, etc. But over time, if you are meditating, your awareness should grow stronger than your thinking. True religion requires that you go beyond thinking, beyond the mental. Into awareness. Consciousness. Blissfulness.

What is to go beyond oneself or reality through meditation?

In meditation, one begins to see that there is no self. It is not that one goes beyond oneself. Rather, one sees, over time, that one is not the mind, not the body, and not the emotions. One is simply the witnessing consciousness. However, at this point, these are simply words. What is needed is to find a meditation technique that feels right, and to begin practicing, so that you may have this experience for yourself.

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