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Jumping Jacks can be a fun exercise, and can be easily learned. It uses calve muscles, hip/shoulder abductors, shoulder/his adductors, and the core.

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Star jumps is considered cardio

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Q: What muscles do ski jumps work?
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What muscles do ski sits work?

Ski sits work your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteals and Gastrocnemius(calf).

What muscles are working when you do jumps?

calf and hamstrings

What are the shrubs at the top and sides of Olympic ski jumps?

its so the jumpers have a perception of where the ground is

What Muscles are used for star jumps?

triceps quadriceps and biceps

Is freestyle skiing the same as ski cross?

No, ski cross is where you race against other skiers at the same time. Freestyle skiing is where skiers to jumps and tricks.

What is type of games are in the winter Olympics?

Skiing ice skating ski jumps sledding bobsled

What is ski cross in the winter Olympics?

ski cross is a skiing event that athletes have to race on a track with many hills turns and jumps this track is also used for snowboarding.

What muscles are used in star jumps?

The muscles used in a squat jump are the quads, and the hamstrings. The lower back muscles and the abdominals are used also

What muscle groups can you work out with exercise bands?

With exercise bands, you can work out tons of muscles. Muscles that you can work out are arm muscles, leg muscles and back muscles. With leg muscles, you can work out the thighs, and calves muscles.

What is a snowboarding Terrain Park?

A snowboarding Terrain Park is a part of a ski resort that has jumps, rails, boxes, jibs, Half-pipes, etc.

How do muscles work when you are jumping?

muscles work my legs

When muscles are at work?

muscles are at work All the time>