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Ther can be many reasons one might become vulnerable to an affair like feeling they are not receiving enough attention or love at home. Perhaps their partner is cold or indifferent or doesn't know how to become sensitive enough to show or give necessary emotions. You must be careful who you marry. Make sure the person loves you and marries you for that reason. Marrying someone simply because they are good marriage material or have ways like your mother or father is not enough. Remember you have to have sex with this person on a regular bases. I know a woman who married a man who did not love her but she married him anyway because he was so fine and good looking. Although they have been married for almost four ty years he has never seen her for who she is and he never touches her sexually.


In scale of 1-10 I will say 9% of married men will say it's their wives and this includes the man I married. It doesn't matter the kind of problem couples is, including mine, but most married men will say it's their wife. They were forced to do it, or most of issue is about sex.

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Q: What makes a spouse vulnerable to an affair?
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Is your spouse cold and distant to everyone after his affair including your children?

if he had an affair, then he shouldn't still be your "spouse", in my opinion.

How will you feel if your spouse compared you to his affair partner?

No woman would want to be compared to their spouse's affair partner. When a spouse does this they are getting even for having to stay with their spouse. It hurts and cuts deeply when the cheating spouse makes comments about how much better their affair partner was. Take control and let your spouse know immediately you are not going to put up with their childish behavior and if their affair partner is so great then tell him/her (no matter how hard it is for you) that you will file for divorce as you deserve better.ANSWER:It will be a pleasure to answer this question because it did happened to me personally. When I discovered my husband's affair, I had found out that his not only admired this woman but he fell in love with her. And that is why he compared me to his "friend" aka mistress. The day he compared me to her was the day that I know, no matter how much we wanted to rebuild the relationship it will not work with me anymore. I will not be the second choice after his affair..

How do you begin healing after your spouse affair?

slash the tires of the car belonging to your spouse.

What can you do if my spouse who had an affair still commincates with the other?

Nothing. It is strange that your spouse still communicates with the person she had an affair with, but aslong as it is just words and not actions, it is still acceptable.

Why can't we blame the spouse from their affair instead of the other woman?

You should be able to blame your spouse fully, since he/she allgedly cheated on you, whether the person they had the affair with realized it or not.

Why i Had affair got divorced?

If you had an affair, your spouse must have had a very broken heart, and can not love you again, or trust you. what you do for pleasure with someone other than your spouse causes your spouse a great deal of pain, that's why it is usually frowned upon.

Will your spouse have an affair to because you were caught?

yes i think she would

Will you ever feel that security and peace that you once had from your spouse after his affair?

Maybe but not really. I has to do with the way you are and the way he/she asks after the affair.

How do you know if your marriage will survive after your spouse affair?

You don't. You have to make an educated guess based on your knowledge of your spouse's personality.

How can you tell if its sex addiction or affair?

Its a sex addiction if your spouse catches you.

What are ways you can cope with the aftermath of your spouse affair?

Ice cream and masturbation

Is separation after your spouse has had an affair be good for your marriage?

Yes, often times a separation is a good thing when one spouse has had an affair. It gives each spouse a chance to stand back and reflect on how they feel and if they really love their spouse or whether to move on from the marriage. Once a spouse has cheated it is difficult to earn the trust back from the other spouse. Perhaps put a few months limit on the separation and then meet to discuss how both of you feel about each other. The quote, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' may apply in this case. Sometimes spouses don't know how lucky they are and how much they love their spouse until they are no longer there.