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The density of air changes with change of temperature, therefore changing it's mass. In other words, the molecules that make up the composition of air move farther apart with a rise in temp and, of course, just the opposite with a decrease in temp. Since temperature changes the mass of air, gravitational pull from the earth will change proportionately.

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Q: What does Gravity have to do with hot air rising?
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What forces are acting when a hot air balloon is landing?

hot air rising (less dense air), gravity. aero dynamics dont do much

Cooler denser air is pulled down by?

Cooler denser air is pulled down by gravity but is also pushed down by the rising hot air. This process is called convection.

Why doesn't rising air just keep rising all the way into space?


Does hot air move into cold air or does cold air move into hot air?

Both. Since hot air is less dense than cold air, the hot air rises as the cold air falls (i.e. as the cold air displaces the hot air). If you were to dye hot air & then inject it into the center of a room, you would observe the dyed hot air rising. What you may not realize is that gravity draws the (invisible) surrounding dense cold air downwards as it displaces the (visible) less dense dyed hot air. === Previous Posters Answer: Hot air rises

Why do hot air balloons work?

Hot Air Balloons work because of the hot air.The hot air rising stays in the balloon and carries it upward.

What is hot air rising?

It means air that is hot that is going upwards.... What else could it possibly mean?

What causes a cumulus cloud?

Rising hot air and water condensing out of that air.

Hot air rising from the pavement on a hot summer day is an example of?

Thermal insaltion

What is the name of a rising current of hot air?

it is a thermal current

Rising air is called what?

Convection. Convection is the process where a fluid (liquid or gas) moves and transports heat due to hotter fluid rising and cooler fluid sinking due to differences in density.

Some examples of convection?

hot air rising cooling and falling :a hot air balloonboiled water or boiling waterhot air popper

What are five examples of convection?

Here are 2 examples: - hot airballoon - hot air rising, and cold air falling.