Edgar Allan Poe

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What are magical realism story ideas

Click the link to see how writers get their story ideas!

What is Stevie Wonder's song Superstition about

Stevie's song Superstition is about how it's wrong to believe in things you don't understand. He's expressing that superstition is not a good thing to believe in.

What does Poe use in the black cat to make the reader question the accuracy of the narrators account of events

The internal first person point of view

What key element is found in Gothic literature

The strong sense that something is not quite right.

How does the use of simple language and short sentences affect the pacing of a story

It speeds up the pacing of a story

What social institution did Renaissance thinkers connect with the Goths in order to imply that it was backward and barbaric

The church (apex)

In this passage how does Poe create the effect of time passing quickly

Short sentences

Which character from American Born Chinese is an example of a protagonist


*The Monkey King

Which phrase from this passage of A Visit to Charity helps slow down the pacing of the story

"prickly dark"

What effect does the narrator create by repeating the phrase hung it' from passage in the black cat

c it c look at image

Which sentence from The Nose best reflects what the nose represents


Which place would be the best example of a Gothic setting

the grand ballroom of a modern cruise ship

Which passage is an example of the falling action in the black cat

It is d

What events from The Black Cat seem to prove the wife's superstition about cats to be correct

Dakota Deslets is a shhlut

What events from the black cat seem to prove the wife's superstition about the cats to be correct

A second black cat, very similar to the narrator's first cat, appears out of nowhere --APEX

What is a best description of a Gothic story line

A young woman tries to break the ancient curse placed on her family. (APEX)

Why does the narrator cut out one of the eyes of his cat Pluto

The cat was frightened and bit him

What point in the story does the falling action of The Black Cat appear

I really love your answers

How can an a author slow down the pacing of a story and force the reader to pay more attention

By using complex sentences that have a lot of details

In The Black Cat what happens after the narrator's character undergoes a radical alteration for the worse

He starts abusing his wife and his favorite cat, Pluto --APEX

What information does the narrator withhold at the beginning of the black cat

The events that have caused the narrator to think he will die the following day- apex

hope this helps ladies and gents.

Who falling action of The Black Cat appears during which part of the story

The beginning

In the passage why does the narrator slowly build up to the moment he kills the cat

To create suspense

If you need help on [APEX] "The Nose" is a Russian story in which a man loses his nose.What concerns this man most about the loss of his nose

That he won't be able to get a good job without a nose. [APEX]

what does the narrator do to the first cat after it bites him on the hand

he cuts out one of the cats eyes

what happens as a result of a change in the β€œgeneral temperament and character” of the narrator in β€œThe Black Cat”

he begins abusing his wife and pet cat

which passage is part of the climax edgar allan poes the black cat

Upon its head...sat the hideous beast...I had walled the monster up within the tomb!