History of the United States

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Who was the founder of the a settlement house in Chicago known as the Hull house

Hull House was co-founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr.

Founder of hull house

Jane addams

What time do you use a political map

Most people use political maps during elections. Political maps help establish voting districts and allow people to determine who they can vote for in the election.

What are the living condition for the immigrants when they arrived in America

That would depend on the amount of money the have on hand.

Did joe biden's children attend public school

Many children want to know if Joe Biden's children attended public school. They attended private school. Bide says it is because of the duties of his elected office.

What settlement house in located in the Chicago slums

Hull House.

What President was in office during the spanish American war

William McKinley,and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt.

What yard line is in the middle of a football field

The 50 yard line.

Who was the first president to arbitrate over a labor dispute

Theodore Roosevel to resolve Coal Strike of 1902

In the late 1880s refrigeration was introduced to the meatpacking industry in

In the late 1880s, refrigeration was introduced to the meatpacking industry in Chicago. This changed the industry forever.

How high above sea level is the summit of pikes peak

14,110 feet (4,301 meters)

What did the Morrill Grant Land Act of 1862 accomplish for education in America

The Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862 donated public lands for colleges and provided citizens greater access to higher education. The Act was also passed to further science and efficiency.

Who were the two presidents in oder after Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson.

What is a synonym heart


Which party essentially dissolved as a result of the 1896 election

The Populist Party

When state governments passed Granger laws

railroads protested that only the federal government, not states, could regulate railroads

How old was Paolo Mascagni at death

Paolo Mascagni died on October 19, 1815 at the age of 60.

How did the jungle show that the meatpacking industry needed to be regulated

By showing that the meatpacking industry DID NOT have high standards of safety and cleanliness

What type of excerpt might you read on the PLAN reading test


What rights were established by the sixteenth amendment and the nineteenth amendment

Debt consildation

How did Jacob Riis help the situation of immigrants in America's cities

Riis campaigned for improvement in living conditions in the cities. His book How the Other Half Lives was very influential.

What amendment to the constitution allowed for the direct election of senators

was an amendment to the 17th amendment

During the Progressive Era Presidents Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson broke with the policies of late 19th century precedents concerning

During the Progressive Era, Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson broke with the policies of late 19th century presidents concerning laissez-faire economic policies. The Progressive Era lasted from the 1890s to the 1920s.

Which of these themes is the most closely related to the purpose of anschluss

Culture for A+

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