US Civil War

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Why did Americans move west after the civil war

Americans moved West in the year following the Civil War because of the mining of gold and silver which made a rapid growth of the U.S. and the frontier changed dramatically as more people moved westward.

What was the main goal of the Ku Klux Klan

To stop Republicans from taking control of state governments. (These are now called Democrats -2017)

When were slaves able to own land

In America, when they were freed.

What was the main goal of the ku klux klan during reconstruction

To stop Republicans from taking control of state governments -apex (:

Who are the people who believe that slaves should be freed

The confederate states think that there should no longer be slaves.

Which statement is true of the state legislatures of South Carolina and Mississippi during Reconstruction

They had more African Americans than any other state.

Why would a farmer plant a food crop in a small garden plot

for the farmers own needs -apex

Which term refers to the condition of workers who could never afford to pay what they owed to a company store

Debt peonage

What was the idea behind the black codes that limited civil rights in the south

Blacks under whites was the natural order

What are Scalawags and carpetbaggers are terms associated with what

.Supporters of the Republican Party in the South..

How did large mining companies succeed

Large mining companies succeeded by using machines to dig deeply for gold.

What was true about moderate African American politicians such as Hiram Rhodes Revels

all of the above

What was part of the agenda of southern Democrats

Cutting taxes for landowners

What was a cause of range wars

Ranchers and Farmers fought over land control.

What was an argument made by supporters of vocational training in African American colleges and universities

it would help them fit in with white society

What was the most likely situation of a southern plantation owner after the war

he had little money and needed workers

What was a goal of southern whites in creating black codes

all of the above

What was happening in the south by the spring of 1865

In the spring of 1865, the Confederacy was facing long odds against the Union armies. The Confederate Congress, in March, approved enlisting blacks, but did not give freedom to any who served.

On April 9, 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant, which triggered more surrenders across the south, signaling the end of the US Civil War. Confederate officers and enlisted men were allowed to return home "to help put crops in the field and carry their families through the next winter."

An economic depression also affected the south in 1865. Along with paying for the war, there was also the cost of repairing the destruction of buildings, agriculture and industry. Slaves had been freed, which was a financial loss for slave owners, who now had to begin paying their former slaves. The world price of cotton had fallen. Land owners began offering share cropping and tenant farming to poor farmers and freedmen as a way for the sharecroppers and tenant farmers to provide for their families and for the land owner to continue to have workers to produce crops.

What did African American leaders did besides associated the republican party with Abraham Lincoln emancipation

The Freedmen's Bureau
The freedmen's bureau

How did groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the White League influence politics in the 1870s

They used violence and terror to control elections.

Many Southerners including white merchants and white small landowners supported the Republican Party's actions to

take power from southern planters

General sherman's special field order number 15 was

rejected by President Johnson.

What led up to general sherman's order of 40 acres and a mule for former slaves-

When lands confiscated from the former Confederates were returned back to them by administration of President Andrew Johnson, freed slaves that had been given 40 acres of farmland were evicted.

According to the thirteenth amendment who could be forced to work without pay


In the sharecropping agreement what does the person who owns the land offer to work

Tools seeds and I forget but it looks something like that

What would most likely be listed in the contract between the landowner and a sharecropper

The portion of the crop the landowner owned to the sharecropper

What the black churches do after the civil war

gained members and influence (apex)

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