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Who painted the Peasant Dance

The Peasant Dance was painted by Pieter Bruegel/Brueghel the Elder in 1568.

There is also A Peasant Dance by Peter Paul Rubens painted around 1630. Rubens was a good friend of Jan Bruegel/Brueghel the Elder, son of Pieter Bruegel/Brueghel the Elder.

Which Renaissance painter was also the author of the art-theory treatise On Perspective for Painting

Piero della Francesca

Which Michelangelo sculpture emphasized his mastery of human movement

The 'David' in Florence, Italy.

How do paintings done in the style of renassiance naturalism depict objects

with detail and accuracy

At the beginning of the Renaissance rich families in Florence became patrons of the arts in order to

display their wealth and splendor

Brunelleschi is credited with being the first artist to use

Brunelleschi is credited with being the first to use geometric principles for creating linear perspective.

What did Brunelleschi introduce into the European painting

a mathematically correct from of linear perspective

The movement of Humanism was set in motion by

rediscovery of classical art and literature.

Look at this painting by Masaccio Which of these techniques is not used in this painting

gods point of view


The forms depicted in Michelangelo's paintings were influenced by his prior experience as a


What is a feature of The Tribute Money from the Brancacci Chapel painting that illustrates the Renaissance fascination with the classical world

most of the subjects are painted in Greek and Roman clothing (APEX)

Which of these features is attained when a painting has both balance and symmetry among different part of work



Look at michelangelo's creation of adam what makes this painting typical of michelangelos work

By looking at Michelangelo's creation of Adam, it is evident that this is not typically his work.

In Raphael's portrait of bindo altoviti altoviti is shown in what

Raphaels portrait of Bindo Altoviti is shown in the National Gallery of Art. It is a famous painting.

What idea did alberti introduce in his famous work art theory on painting

art should imitate nature

Why did the painting by Titian altered the traditional approach to painting the Madonna

Placed her away from the center of the composition

Masaccio worked with or was influenced by the ideas and styles of all what except


The Medici family was important to the development of the Renaissance because its members were what

Wealthy patrons

Because of the influence of humanism Renaissance art focused on the importance of what

Human Beings

The Byzantine style of art developed in

The Eastern Roman Empire

Humanism was an intellectual movement that emphasized which trait of humans

Humanism emphasized human rationality.

What technique did Leonardo da Vinci add to the painters toolbox


In a painting proportion is achieved through the use of what

balance and symmetry

Look at Tribute Money from the Brancacci Chapel. Which of these elements helps create the illusion of depth in the painting

The contrast between bright clothing and a dark background (apex)

Masaccio was a significant painter because he helped to pioneer .

Mathematical perspective

Match each of these Northern Renaissance artists with something for which he was known

Matthias Grunewald: Continued late medieval artistic traditions

Hugo Van der Goes: religious symbolism in the portinari altarpiece

Hans Holbein the Younger: precise and detailed portraits

Look at the central panel of the portinari alterpiece by hugo van der goes. this artwork uses all of the following execpt what

the trompe illusion

Match each of these High Renaissance Masters with one of his most famous works

Da Vinci- Adoration of the Magi

Michelangelo- The last judgement

Rapael- The Albe Madonna


Look at this painting by Johannes Vermeer. what feature most clearly identifies it as dutch genre art

the depiction of ordinary art.

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