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What is a period of time

Separate division of time connected by a common theme!

Which characters in Kafka's Metamorphosis undergo changes

gregor samsa

What is the theme for the novel Metamorphosis

The theme of metamorphosis is change: physical and mental change.

How does Franz Kafka take pains to make the events in his novella Metamorphosis seem believable and real

A. By using a direct and straightforward tone. -APEX

Which theme is common in many of Franz Kafka's works


What is the increase of tension within a story that drives the plot toward the climax

Rising action

Which incident in The Metamorphosis suggests that Gregor's new physical form is disgusting to the family

Grete must open a window before she can stand to be inside Gregor's room

How are grete's feelings toward Gregor changing by the end of part 2 of the Metamorphosis

At first she tries to care for him despite her disgust, but then she gets angry and frustrate.

Which evidence from the text shows how Gregor feels about the change in his father

still, still, was that really his father?

How does Gregor's reaction to his transformation start to change over the course of the story

He slowly realizes that he is a bug and starts to feel sad and confused.



What is similar between Gregor's life before and after his physical transformation

He still feels bored and unsatisfied with his life.

Which theme is common in many of franz Kafka


Why does gregor leave his room

Grete is playing the violin, and Gregor wants to tell her how beautiful it sounds. [APEX]

What job does Grete Gregor's sister have after Gregor is changed into a bug

She takes care of Gregor

Why does Gregor cover the picture of the woman in the fur coat with his body

Because the guy from june 18th is an idiot the answer is "To prevent the removal of the picture from his room"

What aspect of the metamorphosis is reflected in this excerpt from letter to his father

Gregor's inability to communicate with his father after Gregor becomes a bug

What realization does grete come to in part 3 of the metamorphosis

that the family must find a way to get rid of gregor

What is the chief clerk's reaction to seeing gregor for the first time after gregor's transformation


What happens to gregor's body after his death

The cleaning woman removes it :)

What is Gregor's reaction to seeing the change in his father

Gregor is shocked and can't believe his father looks so strong and healthy.

How does the story's point of view most clearly strengthen the story
It enables the reader to detect and better understand the narrator's biases and feelings.
It gives the reader a window into the narrator's thoughts and feelings.

When the narrator reveals his personal thoughts and feelings, it allows the reader to better understand the conflict going on within him.
In The Metamorphosis where does the majority of the plot come from

The majority of the plot come from a character's inner thoughts and conflicts.

How are Kafka's feelings of inadequacy represented in The Metamorphosis

Through Gregor's transformation into a hideous bug

Why does the family decide to spend a day in the country the metamorphosis

to relax after Gregor's death

How can learning about an authors personal life enhance the readers experience when reading a story by that author

By allowing the reader to interpret or understand the story in a new way

What contradictory idea is Kafka bringing up about his relationship with his father in this passage from Letter to His Father

Kafka was considered "contrary" but thought his father would have respected him if he had rebelled more. (Apex)

Was The Metamorphosis could be considered a comedy because the story

Contains ridiculous elements like Gregor scurrying around the room (apex)

How has Grete Gregor's sister changed since Gregor's transformation

She takes care of Gregor and helps more around the house. (Apex)

What aspect of the metamorphosis creates excitement and suspense right from the beginning

I believe it is having Gregor transform into a bug!

which event from the metamorphosis by franz kafka is mostly likely the climax of the story

i have no idea

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