History of Europe

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What instrument did William Shakespeare play

William Shakespeare is not known to have played an instrument.

What was the Inquistion
Roman Catholic AnswerInquisition is a special court appointed by the Church meant to investigate heresy and to stop it. There were numerous inquisitions spreading over eight centuries, not just one THE Inquisition, usually that term is used to denote the Spanish Inquisition which lasted a long time and had many abuses. The Spanish Inquisition was not started nor was it run by the Church, but by the Spanish government in an attempt to stop subversive elements that were trying to undermine the Spanish government. The Spanish Inquisition did make use of Church courts, but the Church never inflicted punishment, it only returned those convicted back to the government.

from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY 1980

Inquisition. The special court or tribunal appointed by the Catholic Church to discover and suppress heresy and to punish heretics. The Roman Inquisition of the middle twelfth century, with its ecclesiastical courts for trying and punishing heretics, arose during the ravages of the anti-social Albigensian sect, whose doctrines and practices were destructive not only of faith but of Christian morality and public order. While Church authorities would condemn a person found guilty of heresy, it was the civil power that actually inflicted the penalty. The reformation of the heretic was first sought. By exhortations and minor punishments he was urged to give up his heresy. Many did. Only the relapsed heretics who were found guilty were turned over to the civil government for punishment required under civil law. The fact that secular law prescribed death must be understood in the light of those days when heresy was anarchy and treason and leniency in criminal codes was unknown. Like all institutions that have a human character abuses crept in.

The Spanish Inquisition, set up by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1478 and empowered by Pope Sixtus IV, was directed against the lapsed converts from Judaism, crypto-Jews, and other apostates whose secret activities were dangerous to Church and State. The civil government had great influence in the administration of this Inquisition, and the Spanish ecclesiastical tribunal accused of scandalous cruelty must share its condemnations with them. The latter worked during these days in defiance of the Holy See, which often condemned inquisitors because of their cruelties. Even so, these cruelties have been grossly exaggerated, and the fact that the Inquisition did tremendous good in saving the Latin countries from anarchy has been forgotten. Much falsehood surrounds the events of this period, which should be judged by the standards of those times, not by modern ideas of the human person and of religious freedom.

What was an important effect of the invention of the printing press

A decrease in the price of books - APEX

Which was one of Martin Luther's main ideas

The Bible is the only truly meaningful document in Christianity People should think about religion and decide about it for themselves. The Catholic Church places too much emphasis on good works.

How was Northern Italy different from Southern Italy at the beginning of the Renaissance

Southern Italy was more similar to northern Europe

Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not.

Southern Italy still had feudalism, while northern Italy did not.

Northern Italy had formed citystates, and southern Italy had not.

What changes took place in religion in europe as a result of martin luther's protest


Which did William Shakespeare not write

Calls for religious reform. Operas. Epic poems. Symphonies. Philosophical texts. Scientific articles.

What was one of the main factors that helped the Renaissance spread

Growing economic prosperity

Increased trade


Why did the Renaissance take place in northern Italy

Italy traded with the Byzantine Empire and Islamic world. The region had political stability and wealth.

What did Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More have in common

Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More both called for reform.

Why were more Europeans literate during the Renaissance

More Europeans were literate because of several things:

  • Improving economies
  • A growing interest in religious works
  • An interest in record keeping
Which sacrament did Martin Luther eliminate

Penance Marriage

What was Pope Paul III most interested in

Pope Paul III was interested in figuring out what was wrong with Catholicism and reforming it.

How do you use 'neologism' in a sentence

Harry's tone - his default tone, to use a neologism - was of wistful remembrance for the hills he loved.

What was the result of the Spanish Inquisition

Many Muslims and Jews were forced out of Spain.


Catholic AnswerThe primarily result of the Spanish Inquisition is that the protestant heresy was kept out of Spain, and the Spanish were protected from its evil influence.
When did the late Middle Ages start

During the Middle Ages. But late.

Which was an affect of the invention of the printing press

An increase in the spread of ideas

- Apexxx Sierra Pacific ( : 559..

What best describes William Shakespeare of Stratford

He was the greatest playwright of all time.

What useful device did the sumerians build for irrigation


Why did Henry VIII want Parliament to dissolve England's ties to a Catholic Church

henry viii wanted a different wife

What was not a factor in the spread of the renaissance

more wars.

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