Cherokee Indians

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Reform movement from second great awakening

There are several reform movements associated with the Second Great Awakening including the women's rights movement, and abolitionism. The Second Great Awakening refers to a Protestant revival movement.

What was the advantage of canals

They connected the middle of the country with the coastal cities.

How did the laws of Georgia affect the Cherokee

The laws allowed the Indians to be treated badly.

Why did so many Americans take part in reform movements

An early temperance movement began during the American Revolution in advocating temperance rather than abstinence and taking positions on moral issues.

What was one result of the domestic slave trade

Slave families were split up.

Why was the migration of the Cherokee called the Trail of Tears

The Cherokee had already "refused" to move but they were forcefully moved to Oklahoma. Jackson was already out of presidency but he is held responsible for starting the further intentions for this trail of tears.

Why was cotton called a cash crop

it brought in alot of money

What helped the Cherokee survive on the Trail of Tears

They hunted game to eat (Apex 2020)

Why did the UK get involved in the slave trade

because it was a very profitable business

What was true about the treaty of new echota

One of the things the Treaty of New Echota did was that it divided the Cherokee.

Where was the first capital of the Cherokee

New Echota

Why did slaveholders try to convince poor whites that slavery was justified

needed their political support

What Trail of Tears ended in the present state


How did the price of cotton change over time

it decreased (APEX)

Which state was considered part of the Old South


What was a danger of being sold to plantations in the deep south

The further downriver, the more brutal the slave-drivers. Hence the menacing threat that you would be 'sold down the river'.

Jefferson Davis was an exception, that he farmed in Mississippi (although born in Kentucky), and treated his slaves so well that they didn't want their freedom.

Why was it usually forbidden to educate slaves

Because if the slaves learn they will get smart and be able to figure out how to read sighs; to escape.

What conditions were made even more harsh for slaves

All of the above

What is the overall message of a story

The overall message of a story is called the theme - it's what the author is trying to tell the readers.

What happened to the Cherokee after their forced removal from Indian territory

they continued to lose land promised to them

U.S. cotton exports supplied fiber for clothing and in turn

Encouraged worldwide industrial development

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