Politics and Government

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How many electoral votes are available in a presidential election


Which state has amended its constitution at least 300 times


Which article of the Constitution says the states will have a republican form of government

Article IV

Which state does not ask its people to vote on constitutional amendments

Constitutional amendments must be ratified by the votes of 3/4 of the State Legislatures. There is no requirement for a plebiscite, or vote of the people. Each State Legislature can, if it chooses, base its decision on a popular vote, but I'm not aware that any do.

After a bill is introduced in the state legislature where is it sent


At what age can a person run for the lower house in most states


Who is the most powerful member in the upper house at the state level

senate majority leader

Most accused defendants are tried in which court


Who must sign a bill into law at the state level

The Governor

What other office is also held by the lieutenant governor in many states

president of the state senate

What term is described as a group of advisors brought together by the President to serve his or her needs


According to the lesson a political party is most like which type of group

an interest group

~myla vance

Most of the population of Oklahoma is located in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties


What is the opening statement of a document such as a constitution that declares the purpose of the state government


Which term is defined as winning an election by receiving the most votes whether or not that is a majority

plurality is the word .

Only state which does not have a bicameral legislature

Nebraska is the only state that does not have a bicameral legislature.

The lowest level of local government is the county


Added: It is the local town or municipality.

The physical size of a congressional district depends on the number of people living in the district


In which direction must an Oklahoma State Senator travel from District 22 to District 38 to give a speech

West Southwest or Southwest depending on the location.

Senate district 22 is NW of Oklahoma City, while Senate district 38 is on the SW border with Texas.

School districts are not allowed to cross counties

False. All school Districts are allowed to cross counties, as for field trips or special occasions.

In Oklahoma City each ward is represented by a member of the

city council

Judging by the size of the districts on the map which area of Oklahoma is the most densely populated


Of state and national constitutions which constitution has a longer bill of rights


How many national congressional districts are in Oklahoma


When On which coast were the original thirteen colonies that began the US located

Atlantic coast

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