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What is the most common cause of hypothermia

Getting wet.

What is the philosophy of having minimal impact on the environment called

The philosophy of having minimal impact on the environment is

  • "leave no trace"
  • Sustainability.
Which of the following is not a fire safety precaution

Start fires with kindling or another fire starter

What is the best way to prevent dehydration on an outdoor trip

drink water regularly, even if you dont feel thirsty.

What is the cause of most skydiving accidents

Over confidence and unfamiliarity with advanced equipment.

What are meant by the terms aerobic and anaerobic metabolism

It has to do with the presences of oxygen. Aerobic metabolism occurs when oxygen is present and anaerobic metabolism occurs when oxygen is not present.

In which sport is mental discipline more important than physical fitness

Sky diving

What is true about exercise in the modern era

it is Fitness, ability, and the desire to participate matter most.

People over the age of 100 are participating and competing in sports.

Select the three sports that require participants to be highly fit before beginning


Respect for the environment means:

Making as little impact as possible on wilderness areas.

On average a person's physical strength peaks during what decade


Fire safety in woodland areas means

follow the local regulations <-- APEX

A sign of hypothermia

hypothermia can cause lowered body temperature. hypothermia makes your limbs numb.

Which items is one of the Ten Essentials

Camp stove !!

Not a good reason to take lessons in a sport

If you want to get better take 'em...

Which of the following are fire prevention guidelines

B. Never leave a fire unattended

C. Extinguish all fires and burning coals or embers with water or dirt.

E. Hold used matches in your fingers until they are cool.

Which of the following is not a benefit of strength training

Healthier skin

Which of the following statements about Masters programs is not correct

Everyone on a Masters team has to compete.

What of the following is a benefit of strength training

all of the above

Is not a training goal for anaerobic athletes

Improved coordination

What statement correctly describes the x game

The X Games have gained world wide television coverage and popularity - APEX

What of the following statement not true about orienteering is not true

Your question is incomplete. What are the "following statements"

Which of the following is not a benefit of anaerobic exercise

Increased lung capacity

which of the following is not a symptom of overtraining

Increased Competitiveness

Which of the following is not a fitness benefit of hiking

Upper body

Which of the following is not part of necessary outdoor preparation

Make sure your phone is

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