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What is a stock portfolio

A stock portfolio is all the stocks that you own. I would venture to say that if you had one stock in any company, you would have one stock in your portfolio. If you had 5 different stocks, you would have a total of 5 stocks in your portfolio.

What does a platform committee do

developed policy statements

What bank did Hamilton support

First bank of the united states. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

What is the purpose of social security taxes

Old age survivors and disability insurance (oasdi) social security benefits and medicare insurance .

Which innovation in American politics did a minor party introduce

A minor party introduced the idea of national nominating conventions.

Which type of primary was ruled unconstitutional in 2000

Blanket Primary

Which party figures serve on congressional campaign committees

Congressional campaigns are often run by the political parties-- for example, there is a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and a Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (RSCC), each of which raises money and allocates resources to help members of its party get elected (or re-elected) to the Senate. Each committee has its own chairman or chairwoman, who is sometimes a former member of congress, or it can be a major figure in the party who has a background in fundraising and is well-respected for his or her political knowledge. Also, in addition to the national committees, the candidates for both the Senate and the House have their own local campaign operation; it is run by a campaign manager, whose job it is to support the senator or representative's run for office.

What was the Republican Party position on slavery

it opposed slavery.

Which is a limit on the way political action committees can raise money when they are branches of labor unions or professional organizations

They can only raise money from their members.

Who support was important in getting Virginia to ratify the constitution

George Washington

What are individuals allowed to give the largest contributions

national party committiee's.

Which is an example of partisanship

Elected officials support the policies of their party

Which principle keeps one state from denying the validity of a birth certificate that was issued by another state

Full Faith and Credit Clause

What is money that has value because the government has established it as acceptable for payment of debts

representive money.

What right guarantees the freedom to make a request of the government

The right to petition is the right which guarantees the freedom to make a request of the government.

Which is not a sound practice to use for conducting interviews which is the fourth step of a scientific poll

conducting in person interviews and telephone interviews in the same poll -novanet:)

What does default refer to

the failure to pay back a loan

What is the simple interest of a loan for 1000 with 5 percent interest after 3 years

$150. 5% interest per $1000 is $50 per year. You had the loan 3 years- $50 x 3.

What protects a peaceful political organization from having to report its membership to the government

The right of association. Though not specifically stated in the United States Constitution's First Amendment, Freedom of Speech underpins the US Supreme Court's decisions in the rights of memberships and the groups people join (or not).

When was National Association for the Advancement of Colored People created

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was created in 1909.

What is an individual portion of stock referred to as

An individual portion of stock is referred to as a share.

Another term for precinct is

voting district

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