Middle Ages

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What type of government is ruled by only one person

A Dictatorship.

Who was the Anglo-Saxon king who led the resistance to the Danish invasion

Alfred the Great.

One important result of the Battle of Tours was that

christians only survived in western Europe

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor


The coronation of Charlemagne took place in


The middle territory of Charlemagne's empire was called the Kingdom of


A trained soldier or specialist in war during feudal times was called a


To gain time to build military strength the Anglo-Saxon king

paid the Danes to leave them alone

Most viking gods were related to

forces of nature

The Monks who lived in Ireland

Many different monks have lived in Ireland, belonging to a wide range of orders. They have lived in many places, such as Glendalough, Clonmacnoise, Melifont and lots of others. There are still many monks living in Ireland today. Historically many monks created what have now become great treasures that can be seen in Irish museums today. They taught many people and people came from other parts of Europe to learn, giving Ireland the name "The Land of Saints and Scholars". Many also went to other places as missionaries to spread the Christian faith.

The two groups of people who resisted Roman rule and fled to Scotland were the

Picts and Scots

In return for the land they were given the Danes promised to do what

leave the rest of England alone

The Kingdom of Louis eventually became

the kingdom of Louis eventually became?


A group of Danes led by a warrior named settled in northern France


The most powerful leader in western Europe during the early part of the middle ages was who

Charlemagne was the most powerful leader in western Europe in his time. He was crowned Emperor in the year 800.

The centers of culture in England and Ireland were the what

A+ monasteries

Ordered the city of London to be rebuilt after the Danes destroyed it

Alfred the great

Viking warriors were called


Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon poem about a


Until towns and trade grew during the Middle Ages most societies had only two classes

nobles and peasants

In their personal appearance viking men took great pride in their

mustaches and beards

Before Alfred became Alfred the Great King of England he ruled the Anglo Saxon province of

Wessex, and subsequently Mercia (which he allowed to be governed by his daughter and her husband Aethelred)

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