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Which section in an orchestra has the most instruments


The swing bands of the 1930s and 1940s were an extension of what kind of musical groups

jazz bands

Who directs a marching band

drum major

How many sections does a symphonic orchestra have


What is the first step in forming the government agenda

problems are identified

What is the highest voice range for a female singer


Which ancient civilization conquered the lands that bordered on the Mediterranean Sea


Which of these is not one of the major sections of an orchestra


Public policies can be implemented within a short period of time


Which group carries the American flag in a drum and bugle corps

color guard

What type of orchestra has from fifteen to forty players

Chamber orchestra

What are the components of the rhythm section of a jazz band

piano, string bass, and drums

A citizen of the US has no part in the policy making process



What is the main difference between a concert band and a marching band

the way the music is performed

with marching band you travel to invitationals and competitions and you compete and while both take a lot of work marching band is expensive but the experience is worth it. with marching band you well march and learn choreography and the music your multi- tasking.

Which term is defined as the music for an orchestra

a score

Who is the only member of an orchestra who has the music for all the instruments

The conductor.

Which person leads musicians in tuning their instruments

The concertmaster leads musicians in tuning their instruments.

What type of musical group was the forerunner of the jazz bands that developed in New Orleans in the late 1800s and early 1900s

Brass bands were a popular band before that.

To reach the goals of the public agenda policies may be implemented or laws must be passed


What instrument is normally not included in a marching band


What is the best description of a concert

A concert refers to the performance of music before a group of people.

Which of these groups would have the most musicians orchestra chamber orchestra or woodwind ensemble

the right answer is Orchestra, the one who would have the most musician.

Is the oboe a single reed or a bouble reed instrument

The oboe is a double reed instrument.

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