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What is meant by stress

The stress is reaction of body.

How many teens have a low self esteem

Teens are more likely to have a lower self esteem as they are more entertained by celebrities. Girls and guys are influenced a lot with what is on magazines and tv shaping their mind to want to look like some one else and compare themselves on their looks and other aspects like wealth, careers. By comparing themselves to others will make them feel down about themselves giving them low self esteem.

What is the important of emotion to mental health

Emotion is a primary factor in stress.

Stress is the response of the mind and body to


What happens during the create and nurture phase of personality development

Children learn how to succeed at school.Children learn the skills they will need as adults.Young adults learn to make commitments to other people.Middle-aged adults get satisfaction from helping younger people.

Which describes the third and final stage of stress

The body can no longer keep up with the demands placed on it

Which is a good strategy to boost self-esteem

this depends on who you are, how you think and act. my suggestion is to treat yourself nice, ignore all bad comments about you.

Which is an effective way to cope with stress

An effective way to cope with the stress is to listen songs. Songs are proven to reduce the stress at-least 50-60 percent. It is a very good method to reduce stress.

Self-esteem is likely to rise during


Which event would fall into the category of major life changes

moving to a new city

Which describes what happens during the resistance stage

f*** it... "s*** happens" el oh el.

What is the difference between personality and identity

Personality is the way they act and identity is looks…. Hope this helps!!

Which describes the effect of stress on the digestive system

it can disrupt the movement of food in the body


How do you use respiratory system in a sentence

Ammonia can stress the respiratory system.

When are coping strategies harmful

when they make a person less able to handle a situation

What is the stress experienced in response to positive events called


Which describes self-actualization

The process for achieving one's full potential

Which of these is not a good way to boost your self-esteem

Follow the crowd

Learning how to behave by practicing The behavior of others is called


Which describes the kind of goals you should set to boost your self-esteem

Ones that are ambitious but realistic

. Which of these is not a warning sign of stress

staying worry free

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