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there where 6 nations involved in WW1

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Q: How many nations were involved in World War 1?
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How many nations were involved in the world war 1?

23 nations.

Why is it called a world war?

Because it involved many nations of the world and literally affected all nations in the world in some way.

Was there other nationailty in World War 1?

many nations were involved in WW I. Hence the name.

What were the number of nations involved in World War 1?


What were the factors that caused European nations in the US to become involved in World War 1?

There are no "European nations " in the United States that caused them to get involved in the war. European nations are in Europe.

When does a war become a world war?

A war becomes a world war when most of the principle/major nations of the world become involved.

How many cuontries fought in world war 2?

About 50 nations fought in WW2 but basically the whole world was involved.

How many nations where involved in world war 1?

It was a world war, many nations were involved not just the main ones. The main nations were; Central Powers:Germany,Austria-Hungary, Italy and Ottoman Empire. Triple Entente or Allies: Britain, Soviet Union,France, and Belgium.Eventually Italy would switch over.

How may nations were involved in World War 2?

the USSR and the US

Which countries were combatants in world war 2?

Nearly all the major nations were involved in World War 2.

What 2 nations were the most significant nations involved in the cold war after World War 2?

The USSR, and the United States of America.

How are the rest of the world responging to the Vietnam war?

Those nations not involved, were glad they weren't.

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