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Medal of Honor? Distingushed Fyling Cross? Silver Star? Bronze Star? Purple Heart? What medal are you wanting to know about?

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2007-04-04 05:00:17
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Q: Is there a list of medal winners from the Vietnam War era?
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Names of soldiers that won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam?

There were 246 Medal of Honor winners in the Vietnam War.

Is there a list of Korean War medal winners?

With the exception of the Medal of Honor, no comprehensive list exists.

Is there a list of medal winners of World War 1?

No such list exists.

Is there a list of Korean War Marine Corps medal winners?

No such list exists.

Who were the Navy Commendation Medal winners in the Vietnam War?

John Potter

Korean War Silver Star Medal winners?

No comprehensive list exists.

Of the 17 Air Force Medal of Honor winners in Korea and Vietnam how many survived?

The four winners in the Korean War were all killed in Acton. Thirteen Vietnam winners included one who died as a Prisoner of War and three were Killed in Action.

Where can I find the list of DSC winners from Vietnam?

Possibly, the American War Library might be able to help.

Medal of honor winners in vietnam?

The list of Medal of Honor recipients during the Vietnam War (1955-1975) is exhaustive, and unfortunately cannot be displayed here. However, we can tell you that 246 Medals of Honor were received, 154 of them posthumously. The breakdown is 160 for the Army, 57 for the Marines, 16 for the Navy and 13 for the Air Force.

How many Air Force Medal of Honor winners were there in the Vietnam War?

There were 13 with three having been killed in action and one having died as a Prisoner of War.

How do you find a list of Army Silver Star Winners in the Vietnam War?

No such list. You could make a pretty penny creating one. Records are available.

Is there a list of servicemen during Vietnam war who got congressional medal of honor?

See the related link below.

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