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John Brown's raid was an act of treason. Very few people saw any value to Brown's attempt to start a slave revolt. It had no effect on the US Civil War. This can be seen if Brown's raid never happened.

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John Brown's raid helped cause the Civil War. It convinced many southerners that the north was intending to destroy the southern way of life and was ready for war against them.

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Q: What impact on the Civil War did the Raid of John Brown have?
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How did John Brown's raid effect the Civil War?

made people want to fight for the north or south

When did John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry happen?

John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry happened in 1859.

What happened to john brown after his raid on Harper's ferry?

After the Harper's Ferry raid, John Brown was arrested and hung.

How did John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry cause the Civil War?

John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry was one of a myriad of events that sparked the Civil War. After his execution, John Brown became the country's most polarizing symbol and greatly increased the animosity between the supporters of slavery and the abolitionists. After John Brown, the South became even more fanatical in the defense of slavery. To his supporters, John Brown was a saint who died in the noble cause of ending slavery; to his opponents, he was an insane murderer.

What happened to Brown after the raid?

After the Harpers ferry raid John Brown was arrested and hung.

Why was john brown important to the civil war?

He lead a raid along with 21 other people on harper's ferry.

John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid?

John Brown faught and died in the Harpers Ferry Raid in order to start a slave rebellion.

How did Americans respond to john brown's raid brown's raid excution?

They reacted with mixed emotions.

Who led the raid on the arsenal at Harper's Ferry in October 1859?

I believe it was John Brown. Answer John Brown. Thus it is often called Brown's Raid.

How did John Brown help the slaves?

John Brown led the raid at Harper's Ferry in 1859 and electrified the slaves into action. Ultimately, His actions led to the Civil war, which led to the Emancipation Proclamation. So essentially, John Brown's actions freed the slaves even though the Raid failed miserably

Four causes for the civil war?

Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, John Brown's Raid, Underground Railroad

How did John Brown's raid lead to the US Civil War?

It convinced the South that the Abolitionists were in favour of violent revolution, and it deepened the split between the two sections.

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