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There were ten of them, together called the "July Ultimatum". The ten demands were:

The Serbian government should

- Suppress all publications which "incite hatred and contempt of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy" and are "directed against its territorial integrity".

- Dissolve the Serbian nationalist organisation "Narodna Odbrana" ("The People's Defense") and all other such societies in Serbia.

- Eliminate without delay from schoolbooks and public documents all "Propaganda against Austria-Hungary".

- Remove from the Serbian military and civil administration all officers and functionaries whose names the Austro-Hungarian Government will provide.

- Accept in Serbia "representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Government" for the "suppression of subversive movements".

- Bring to trial all accessories to the Archduke's assassination and allow "Austro-Hungarian delegates" (law enforcement officers) to take part in the investigations.

- Arrest Major Voja Tankosić and civil servant Milan Ciganović who were named as participants in the assassination plot.

- Cease the cooperation of the Serbian authorities in the "traffic in arms and explosives across the frontier"; dismiss and punish the officials of the at Shabatz Loznica frontier service, "guilty of having assisted the perpetrators of the Sarajevo crime".

- Provide "explanations" to the Austro-Hungarian Government regarding "Serbian officials" who have expressed themselves in interviews "in terms of hostility to the Austro-Hungarian Government".

- Notify the Austro-Hungarian Government "without delay" of the execution of the measures comprised in the ultimatum.

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Q: What were the demands of Austria on Serbia in world war 1?
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What are the Austro-Hungarian Empire demands from serbian?

Austria-Hungary's demands from Serbia basically questioned Serbia's sovereignty and called upon the dissolution of the country. That is why Serbia did not accept the ultimatium and that is why Austria-Hungary declared war, starting World War I.

World War 1 began with Austria declaring war on Serbia after?

after they failed to agree to a list of demands from austria after a serbian nationalist assassinated Franz Ferdinand.

Was any one country to blame for world war 1?

Austria-Hungary placed impossible demands on Serbia.

How did Serbia respond to the demands of Austria-Hungary?

they accepted ALL of their demand except one. This gave Austria-Hungary a reson to declare war on Serbia. Your welcome :)

What did Serbia get in World War I?

Serbia was in WWI because Austria-Hungary declared war on them.

World War 1 began as Austria-Hungary and declared war on?

Serbia Serbia

Who began World War I?

Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia's privacy and Serbia assassinated Austria-Hungary's future Archduke.

When World War I?

World War I officially began on July 28, 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia after Serbia declined Austria-Hungary's ultimatum.

What took place to start the war world war 1?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian Assassin. Austria-Hungry i believe sent a letter to Serbia which were demands to make up for the assassination. I'm not really sure how Serbia replied but Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia leading to more nations declaring war. Germany was an ally to Austria-Hungry and declared war on Serbia. Russia was an ally of Serbia so Russia aided Serbia. France and Britain then declared war.

Who attacked Serbia in World War 1?

Austria-hungary attacked Serbia

Why did Austria declaring war on Serbia how did it affect Germany?

The Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Bosnian-Serb. In retaliation Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an Ultimatum of demands designed to destroy Serbia's influence in Bosnia. Serbia rejected the Ultimatum and Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Germany was Austria-Hungary's ally and agreed to assist Austria-Hungary in the invasion of Serbia. Russia, fearing an invasion of Serbia would end it's own influence in the Balkans began to mobilize for war. As a result, Germany declared war on Russia.

Who declared war with Serbia in war world 1?


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