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Leading Federalists included such men as:

* James Madison;

* Alexander Hamilton;

* John Jay; and

* John Adams

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Q: Who were the leading American federalists?
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What is the first American political party?

Federalists and Anti Federalists

What was the first American party?


Who were the two leading anti federalists?

George Mason and Patrick Henry

Why did the federalists oppose immigration to Europeans?

The federalists saw foreigners as a deep threat to American Security -JB

One of the leading Federalist thinkers was?

Alexander Hamilton was one of the leading Federalists. John Adams was another.

Supporters of the constitution were called?

federalists -Penn Foster American History

Who wrote the Sedition Act of 1798?

The Federalists are responsible for the Sedition Act of 1798. The Federalists were first American political party. It was founded by Alexander Hamilton.

Who are the federalists of the American revolution?

The Federalists were a group of individuals who supported the ratification of the United States Constitution and favored a strong central government. Some notable Federalists of the American Revolution include Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams, and George Washington. They believed that a strong central government was necessary to protect the rights and liberties of the new nation.

What answer best describes why the Federalists were worried about the Constitution?

The Federalists were not worried about the Constitution; they were its chief supporters.

What two political parties did the US begin with?

Federalists and Anti-Federalists were the first American political parties, formed around, respectively, their support of and opposition to the new Constitution.

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