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The Witnesses were (and are) neutral in matters of war. They do not believe in war, nor will they participate in any such conflicts. Hitler did not like pacifists or conscientious objectors, and when the Witnesses refused to become Nazis or fight for the Fuehrer, they were imprisoned. Many died in the concentration camps. He also didn't like them because they would not salute.

Also, he was mad that he couldn't get some of the people to sign a paper to renounce their faith and serve him. I know this because I'm a Jehovah Witness and proud to be one. They were also the only group of people that could walk out of the prison camps by simply signing a document that said they would renounce their faith. Most never gave it another thought, they would rather die in the camp than turn their backs on their faith. Their show of unity even managed to impress the hardest of prison camp leaders.

The Watchtower 1st July 1953 explains: 'The facts are incontrovertibly established as to his [Hitler's] hatred for the chosen people of God in these times, Jehovah's Witnesses. And because the fleshly Jews were once themselves at one time God's chosen people they have always been the targets of attack by Satan and his dupes.'

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2011-12-05 20:46:51
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Q: Why did Hitler want to kill the Jehovah's Witnesses?
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