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The Civil Rights Movement took place because civil rights were lacking in minorities, such as African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, etc. The civil rights movement involved a lot of courage from young and old. From six year old Ruby Bridges, who was the first African American to go to a Caucasian school, all the way to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who protested, gave speeches, and gained freedom for all. One of his most Famous Speeches was "I have a dream." They call it that because of the words inside it: "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: we hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal."Although many people believe that all Caucasian people were on the other side, and against minority rights, there were many who were all for freedom, such as Jonathan M. Daniels. I won't go far into his history, but his work was as moving as it was inspiring. I would love to go on, but I wouldn't want to bore you. I apologize for the long answer.

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Q: Why did the civil rights movement take place?
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Yes the civil rights movement started in Montgomery, Alabama

When did the civil rights movement take place?

Approximately between 1950 to 1980.

When did the American Civil Rights movement take place?

Approximately between 1950 to 1980.

If the civil war didnt take place why wouldn't there be no civil rights movement?

Because blacks would never have an opinion.

Why was the Civil War important for the civil rights movement?

It is important because the civil war freed the slaves, and the civil right movement helped African Americans gain rights. So if the civil war didn't take place there would be no civil rights movement.To answer your quesition, the civil war was important for the civil rights movement because one freed the africian Americans and one helped them gain rights.

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The 1960s during the civil rights movement

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The civil rights act took place in 1964.

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Sit-ins during the civil rights movement occurred in many various places. Some of the common places where sit-ins occurred were restaurants, buses, and trains.

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In 1875 there really wasn't a civil rights movement. This is only 10 years after the civil war and Jim Crow laws were in full effect. It will take another 80 years before there is a true civil rights movement.

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