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I had to have 2 surgeries so far. The first one, about 5 years ago, was an emergency because I was not able to breathe. They took a funnel like device and stretched open my trachea, this was a temporary fix then I returned in 2 weeks and had the second surgery. They made a 4 inch incision on my throat and cut out the bad part of my trachea. Recently I can feel something in my throat again blocking air. It is probably scar tissue. I suffered with severe tracheostenosis for about 6 months because doctors kept misdiagnosing me. They kept telling me I had Asthma and treating me with asthma medicine with of course no relief. I went to 2 different E.R.'s on a regular basis trying to get help to breathe. Neither did the correct testing to find my problem so they would just get me stable enough to leave then I would return every couple of days thinking I was dying because I was passing out from lack of oxygen. Finally a doctor at one of the E.R.'s I went to almost on a daily basis for this condition was so frustrated with seeing me, he had them rush me to Cleveland Clinic and within 5 minutes of arrival they had me properly diagnosed. They put a camera up my nose and down my throat and found my air hole was only at 5% open at a complete rest. Neither Barberton Citizens Hospital or Akron General Hospital did that. That was a horriable feeling not being able to breathe. I literally could not get out of the bed without my husband carrying me everywhere and doing everything for me because I would pass out doing the easiest of tasks (going to the restroom, bathing, getting dressed). I said my final goodbye to my husband countless times because every time I was about to pass out I really thought this is it, I am going to die, I just cant get air in! The weazing of my every struggle to breathe 24/7 was actually music to my husbands ears because he knew at least I was alive.

Best of luck to you!


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Q: What is a treatment for tracheostenosis?
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