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The 2nd Amendment refers to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It does not compare to the Constitution, it is part OF the Constitution.

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The second amendment IS part of the constitution, so it can't be compared.

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Q: How does the second amendment compare with the U.S. Constitution?
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The US Constitution Second Amendment?

The Second Amendment deals with Americans right to bear arms (possess guns)

Who was the primary drafter of the second amendment to the US Constitution?


The right for a citizen to bear arms is protected under which amendment?

The second amendment of the US Constitution.

What is the second amendment to the US constitution called?

The right to bear arms.

Which Principle of American democracy allows American citizens to purchase and own a gun?

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the US.

What is the position of the United Methodist church on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution?

As far as I know, the Methodist church does not have a position on the second Amendment.

Are Newspaper writers' opinions protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

Only in the US.

Which Amendment to the US Constitution addresses the quartering of soldiers?

It's the 3nd amendment. The second is about the militia's right to bear arms. Amendment three is the one about quartering.

The second Amendment of the Constitution protects us from quartering of troops during time of war?

The 2nd Amendment is the right to keep and bear arms. It is the 3rd Amendment that you are looking for.

Does the Second Amendment set specific limits Can limits be placed without changing the Constitution?

The second amendment of the US Constitution, or the right to bear arms, does not set limits arms in its current state. However, limits can be placed on the amendment which does place limitations that does not infringe on the right of the people to keep arms.

What right does the second amendment to the us constitution guarantee citizens?

gives the right to people to keep and bear arms.

Did the second amendment stop a Japanese land invasion?

No, the 2nd Amendment pertains to the US Constitution, and not WW2. The A-Bomb stopped the planned invasion, and ended WW2.