Are stun guns legal in the UK?

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HM Revenue & Customs helps to protect society from the threat of weapons in the same way it tackles drugs offences - by stopping illegal imports as they come into the country.

British law has always been very strict about who can own or move firearms, ammunition and explosives[]. . .

It is against the law to import:

  • High voltage electric 'stun guns'.
  • Pepper sprays, CS gas canisters and other self defence sprays.
  • High-powered air rifles.
  • Martial Arts weapons such as death stars and swordsticks.
  • Knives that have a concealed blade or a sharp point such as belt buckle blades.

Importation is illegal and is normally dealt with in Magistrates court. Importation AND possession is often dealt with at Crown court.

Magistrates can fine and imprison up to 6 months. Crown court can result in up to 7 years imprisonment. . .

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Q: Are stun guns legal in the UK?
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