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If the insurance company will insure the car, there's no law against it. However, it won't be covered if YOU drive it with a 'dead' license.

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Q: Is it legal in NC to purchase car insurance with expired license?
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Does your auto insurance stay valid if you crash with an expired license?

Most insurance companies will specify that the driver must be 'road legal'. That means a valid driving licence for the vehicle must be held, an expired licence is not a 'valid' licence.

What is a 220 florida insurance license?

A 220 Florida insurance license is a general lines agent license. It gives the license holder the legal right to sell property and liability insurance.

If your parent is not driving anymore and his license is expired but he still has a car and carries insurance on it for others to drive him around what should you do to be perfectly legal?

Make sure you are covered on his policy .. and make sure you have a valid driver's license (and tags).

Is it legal to purchase alcohol for someone who has had their license pulled?

Yes, so long as they are of legal age to purchase alcohol.

Driving without insurance and provisional license?

you cant because it is not legal

Would it be legal to test drive a car before purchase in Missouri with a valid license but without insurance and what would your liability be?

Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

Can you renew your life insurance license if you have a judgment?

If the judgement has any adverse comment on the agent's moral conduct, there is no legal bar in persuing renewal of life insurance license.

Who drives a car?

Only people with a license and car insurance are legal to drive a car, though many people without a license and/or insurance drive cars daily.

If your handicapped permit is expired can you still park in handicapped places?

No. If it's expired, you effectively do not have a permit, the same as if your driver's license is expired, you are not licensed. You may be able to contest or weasle your way out of a ticket if it recently expired and you encounter a forgiving police or parking officer, but it is not legal.

Can you get motorcycle insrance without a license?

No, Insurance companies require the rider to be 'road legal' and that includes the need for a valid license for the motorcycle to be insured.

It it legal to drive a 49 cc scooter with no license?

yes if its not stolen then yes but only if there is a legal tag registration and insurance and not over 49cc

You received a traffic ticket tonight for no insurance and expired tags on your vehicle the trooper said he would get my tags tomorrow. Give me advise I live in nc will i lose my drivers license?

Yes you will probably lose your license and the rest if still refuse to go get your insurance and get your registrations updated. You asked what to do. Again Go get your insurance and registrations renewed, you'll probably also now have to file an SR22 in order to prove that you have now decided to comply with your legal requirements, after which you will have no p[roblem regaining your license and you tags.

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