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Every country in the world has adopted the Metric System except for Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S.A.

A number of countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, use Imperial for some things. For instance, Canada measures human heights and cooking ingredients using Imperial measure. Britain measures human weight in stone (which is even more antiquated than the American standards of measurement) and road distances in miles.

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Q: How many countries use the Metric system?
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What countries use both the metric and customary system?

In many European countries the metric system IS the customary system!

Do most countries use metric system?

Yes. There are about 3 countries that do NOT use the metric system.

Do many countries use a system called metric system?

All of Europe, (not UK) and Canada uses the metric system

What countries use metric system?

All countries use the metric system, except Liberia, Myanmar (Burma) and USA.

What are the three countries that do not use the metic system?

As of 2016, the only countries that do not use the metric system are the US, Burma and Liberia. All other countries use the metric system.

Where do you use decimeter?

In countries that use the metric system

How many countries use the English metric system?

All of Europe and Asia...

What are two benefits of using the metric system?

its easier and many countries use it

How many countries do not use metric system?

the stupid united states of americia

What system of measurement is used in countries?

Most countries use the metric system.

Which countries do not use the metric system?

The countries that do not exclusively use the metric system are the US, Liberia, and Myanmar (Burma). Scientific research in all three countries generally uses the SI units, and in the US there are many metric applications, such as dual labels for volume or weight.

What 3 countries use the metric system?

The whole world uses the metric system, except for three countries; Liberia, Myanmar(Burma), and U.S.A. So only three countries don't use metric.

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