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Did the US Win WWIIThe Allies, of which the U.S. was a member of, were victorious in WW 2.

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The war was won by the United Nations, a grand alliance compromising of soldiers from many nations, and it was these men and women who came together to fight the tyranny of Japan and Germany.

However on the simple matter of who did the most fighting, it would be the Soviets, then the Chinese then the British. As for who made the biggest contribution this is almost impossible to define, was the British blockading oil to Germany more important to their defeat than the battle of Kursk? was British intelligence more important than American boots? the only feasible answer is that it is impossible to tell what made the biggest contribution could any of the major powers have won alone? possible, did the ultimate UN victory depend on contributions and sacrifice of all of them? without a doubt.

  • The US contributed to win WWII together with other Countries, nations, colonies, individuals. In other words. Everyone that participated with the Allies; won WWII. The winning of WWII is not credited to one nation.
  • During WWII events several thousands of people from several colonies; now Independent countries participated and gave their life's in support of Allies. Indians, Native Americans, Japanese descendant, stern European, Polish, Filipinos, Arabs, Germans, etc; it really IS a long list of the nationalities of people that contributed to win WWII.
  • Who contributed the most. that is a very easy question for me. Everyone that give their life's for the cause.
  • That's actually a very interesting question, if you mean more than merely whether or not the USA were part of the victor powers in 1945? My opinion is that the USA did win the world war, every aspect of it really.
  • Yes. The US was giving vital, supplies to the Allies and the Allies did not start to win until the US joined.
  • That last is not accurate or true; British Forces had pretty much destroyed the Italians and Germans under Rommel in North Africa before the USA had recovered from Pearl Harbor. The USSR had effectively turned the tide at Stalingrad, So in Europe it brought the war to a swifter end. In the Pacific its role was more important as the destruction of the Japanese carriers at midway was the beginning of the end for the Japanese, even though the majority of the Japanese army was being tied down by Chinese and British Commonwealth forces.
  • WWII must be separated into the war with Japan and the war with Germany.The US was certainly the main contributor to the victory over Japan but the Russians were the main contributors to the defeat of Germany also by a wide margin. Russia had killed so many of the elite German forces by D-Day that although there were still some elite troops facing the allies there were also many old men and boys.
  • The US clearly didn't win the war alone, but it was probably the one nation most responsible for Allied victory. The US produced about 75% of all the weapons and supplies used by the Allies and was the only nation that took a leading combat role in both Europe and the Pacific. The US won, practically alone, almost all of the Allied victories against Japan. The US also provided the majority of the troops for the Italian Campaign, Normandy and for the rest of the battles in Western Europe from 1943 to the end of the war. The US Army Air Corps was the most responsible for destroying the German Air Force and crippling German industrial capacity. If it were not for the US, the war could not have been won. This can not be said of any of the other Allies.
  • The last is incredible wrong it is hard to even begin correcting it but it does show the great level of ignorance among some people. The US produce a large quantity of weapons but most countries other than Brazil and Mexico used their own weapons, British or Russian ones. The Mosin Nagant and Lee Enfield rifle were produced in such numbers that they are still the top 2 most prolific weapons in the world. However the US did supply vital things like boots, trucks and cargo ships. The US never took a leading combat role in either the European or Far East theatres those positions go to the Soviets and Chinese respectively. The Majority of troops in Italy were British Commonwealth and over 60 percent of troops for the allied invasion of Normandy were British. The US Army Air Corps was actually incredible ineffective at crippling the German industrial capacity, the British with their experienced night bombers, accurate intelligence (thanks in no small part to their code breakers) and ingenuity (as best exemplifed by the Dambusters raid) were far more effective. It is arguable that the US was the least vital nation to the victory, however without the USA the war would of been longer and bloody.
  • I do not believe US won the war. All the Allies worked together. The US might have sort of helped win the war with the weapons but NO i do not believe that. Everybody worked together.
  • I'm not an expert on WW2 but I do know that my grama lived through it and saw the whole thing. My mom went to school and also learned about it. Russia's military people were defeating the Nazi's and by the time other countries came in to help, Russia had mostly defeated the German's. So my opinion is that other countries did help, but it was already the war was ending.

Not by itself. The Allied Forces won surrender from the Axis powers. The U.S. was an Allied nation.

The "Allies", or Allied Forces (The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Norway, Poland, France, China, the Soviet Union etc) won WWII against the "Axis" (Germany, Italy, Japan etc). The war was won in Europe in April of 1945 but went on in Japan until August the same year after the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

No doubt we were on the winning team. Correspondents from the USSR and UK seem to think they could have won in Europe without US help, but both had received significant supplies from the States before we entered the fighting. We can't roll back time to see if they are correct. However, there can be no doubt that the USA won in the Pacific with little assistance from other country except Australia. The Soviet Union did send troops to Manchuria after the European fighting was finished, and probably would have been a factor if a conventional invasion of the Japanese home islands had been required.

Again a disturbing lack of knowledge, If by Pacific the previous answer means the Island hopping campaign and the the defence of Australiasia then this forgets the contribution of the British, New Zealanders and Dutch. However if by pacific the poster means the entire war against Japan than the glaring omissions of China and a lesser extents India's contribution then it is simple unforgivable cultural myopism bordering on downright racism. The Soviet invasion was a bigger factor in convincing the Japanese to surrender than the atomic weapons used against them. : It has to be remembered that the U.S entered the war after two very important turning points in Europe:

The R.A.F had defeated the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain and prevented the invasion of the British Isles. So Hitler now turned his attention to Russia.

American aid did not start coming into Europe until after America declared War on Japan.

In Russia the Russian armies had launched their counter attack and pushed the Germans back from Moscow and were now on the offensive.

By the time the Americans had entered the war on the ground in Europe, the Russians were advancing on Poland.

The so called bombing campaign by the Allies (Britain bombed at night Americans during the day) on Germany was not very effective or as effective as hoped as German war production increased markedly.

With all propaganda from world war 2 and modern day sentiments toward America it is difficult to get a proper answer. Each side claims they did all the hard work and each with valid claims. But none can seriously have claimed to have won the war single handed.

My opinion is that the Allies won the war. The British were heavily involved in Burma against the Japanese thus aiding the Americans in that theatre too, as were the Australians and Indians!

It is incorrect to claim any one country won the war.

Again this answer shows a disregard for history. The USA was supplying the allies prior to them entering the war.

The Soviets hadn't even pushed the Germans out of their own terrority let alone anyone else's before the US had troops in Italy.

The bombing campaign was extremely effective, particularly at dwindling vital supplies of oil.

Yet again the massive contribution of the Chinese against Japan equal to the Soviets against Germany is forgotten.

The US certainly was a decisive factor but could not have won alone. They took on most of the fighting in the Pacific but so did the British and Australians in Burma and navally. You could argue that without critical British knowledge passed to the Manhattan project, the US would have faced a crippling invasion of the Japanese mainland. Even the US were sceptical they could prevail in that without severe losses and so were eager to get the Russians involved.

In the European theatre, it was the USSR that bled the Germans dry. The Red Army would have won the day without US help, even if taken slightly longer. The US was only able to get involved because the UK held out and acted as a launching platform for bombing missions and the invasion of France. But Britain may have fell without US material aid (in the form of oppressive Lend Lease).

It was a joint effort. Either way, the US did very well out of the war at Europes expense

Again forgets China, but that's part of the course it seems. As for at Europe's expense this is entirely wrong the US Marshall Aid Program was one of the great pieces of Foreign policy in history it rebuilt western Europe as thriving economies and vibrant democracies a truly incredible feat.

In regards to Japan, the United States can decisively be accredited to winning World War Two. Their "island hopping" campaigns in the South Pacific were nothing short of brilliant. Nevertheless, Japan would have been defeated with or without two nuclear bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.

And likewise, Britain and France acting together, could not have carried out Operation Overlord or the 1944 D-Day landings without the United States. America was vital to Europe's success due to its financial contributions by means of Lend-Lease. Much of Europe lay in ruins and was in effect, financially bankrupt. The United States contributed over 16 million troops during the war, only second to Russia. And from 1943 and onwards, most campaigns on the western front were all American led under Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The European Theatre of World War Two and its victory can be attributed to an all Allied effort, with the United States contributing no more or no less than other participating countries.

The Pacific Theatre of World War Two and its victory can be 100% attributed to the United States.

The Island hopping campaign involved only a small percentage of Japanese forces the majority being engaged in China and South east Asia.

As for Overlord (of which the D-day landings were the first stage) the majority of the forces were British not American, however it was an American plan the British particularly Churchill favoured a southern strategy or a liberation of Norway.

During the war most of Europe was under German control so it being in ruins was good thing. Both the UK and USSR were at the height of their economic productivity far outstripping the US on a per capita basis.

The United States contributed roughly 10 million troops, this is less than the USSR, China and the British Commonwealth. Eisenhower was the supreme commander of all forces in western Europe, a diplomatic sticking point as the US is unwilling to let their troops be ultimately commanded by foreigners(this persists today with Nato) So Eisenhower handled strategic particularly logistical concerns. His 3 deputies in charge of Sea, Air and Land forces were all British they had tactical control of the campaigns, So in fact at the operational level the majority of campaigns were British led.

The victory in the Pacific theatre was won with Chinese blood, and to forget their enormous sacrifice is shameful.

The US did not contribute 16 million troops to the war. 16 million Americans were conscripted into the armed forces, but only a proportion served in theatres of war. The rest were employed in the huge American supply, administrstion and supporting services sectors. It purportedly took 20 servicemen to maintain 1 combat soldier in the field. That may well be an exaggeration but the US armed forces certainly had the biggest 'tail to teeth ratio' of any combatant nation in WW2.

The most fighting in WW2, the greatest intensity over the longest period, involving the greatest numbers iof men and materiel took place in the Russian war zone between 1941-45. the Soviets conscripted 34 million men and women and lost about 26 million service personnel during this period and were fightinh about 2/3 of the German Armed Forces of 18 million who lost about 5 million during the whole period.

The US fielded about 12 million combatants in the Army and Marine Corps and lost some 500,00 killed. Given that the Liberation of Europe after 6 June 1944 lasted about 11 months, although the American troops fighting in Italy had landed in N.Africa in 1943, the Americans cannot be said to have won the European war. It was the British who stopped the war in Europe from being lost, but the Soviets took the brunt of the fighting and casualties over the longest period and finally took Berlin in May 1945. They effectively won the European war, something for which they have never been given full credit.

America won the Pacific war.

are u all mad or something?!!!The soviet union won the second world war!!!!o eah, you think its Australia or AFRICA or maybe France? im telling u, they didint!England did someting, but not a lot.But AMERICA!!!!!Germany didint fight against America,they all gave up to them! do u know why?because they killed a lot of people from soviet union, alot. 100 million!so they could not give up to them!!they would just kill them!and the soviet union destroed Germany and Hitler


Recently, when I presented a paper in Cambridge on the role of the Eastern Front and the value of the victories of the Red Army, a young British historian reacted sharply against me. ' Really you do not understand that in France we held down 56 German divisions', he noted. 'If not, the Red Army would have suffered a severe defeat '. However if the Red Army had not destroyed 150 German divisions, the Allied landings would never would take place.

Germany incurred 75-80 % of losses on East front; the Western Allies, only put out of action 20 %-25 % of German soldiers . Moreover, as Britain committed only 28 divisions and America 99. '

The rather modest size of the American military contingent needs to be looked at relation to population, too. In population the USA had twice that of Germany ...

As of 1939 the military potential of America - based on gross national product and industrial production volume - made up 40 % of that in the world. However, this potential advantages was not realised in the form of the corresponding superiority over the enemy in the field of fight. General George C. Marshall (and has staff set themselves the task of fielding 100 divisions, but Germany committied 2.5 times that number, and the Soviet Union 3-4 times.

Certainly, bare figures of all you will not explain. In any areas - for example, on the sea and in air - the western powers were stronger, in others - weaker. In days of war the American industry worked with immense energy, and all allies, including the USSR used fruits of it.

Nevertheless, the Third Reich could not be forced to the knees by aerial bombardment and the sea blockade. The German army and civilians showned remarkable firmness. A fortress into which Hitler has transformed the European continent, it was necessary to take a boundary abroad - and land forces could execute this problem only. And here Red Army was the best.


By the time Americans opened their second front Russia was well into Poland. As for the Western front, don't even get me started. It simply took pressure off of the Eastern Front, but in no way was it a turning point hahaha. If you mention a big brother I would think more of the Soviet Union since they took the brunt of the German army for the entire war(after 1941). About over 70% of the Germany army was situated in the Eastern Front. So don't compare the Western Front to the Eastern front when you don't know anything about it. Germany would have lost even without America's help to the allies. So why don't you read a history book.

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