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The major change which occurred in Europe after W.W.2 was that Winston Churchill called for a kind of United States of Europe to prevent any further war between countries of that continant.This resulted in the Treaty of Rome 1956, which was essentially a political union solely for the prevention of war. This later developed into the European Economic Union,(E.E.U) or "Common Market" In its early stages many problems arose, such as "Butter mountains" and "Wine lakes", of food excess to requirements,which if allowed onto the open market in Europe would have caused prices to drop and economic disaster. these kind of problems came about because they were trying to make an econimic thing out of a simply political treaty. Now the E.E.C. is a major player in world affairs,the cultural,societal changes were not so obvious. The British people for instance are now told that they are part of Europe (European) something which they have never felt before, they were always British. the others were Europe, a distinct difference, which they disagree with the Govt. about, they are "an island people" not Europeans.

that is all wrong it has not changed one bit so fumf

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new weapons were invented and used

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Q: How was the US changed by World War 2?
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