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Every company that could tool up to make it. Contracts were awarded to companies who did not design the airplane or truck or whatever. For example the Wylis "Jeep" contract was given to others to manufacture.

Trucks and cars of various sizes were made by GMC, Diamond, Dodge, Chevrolet. Binoculars were made by hundreds of manufactuers.

Colt .45 pistols were even made by Singer Sewing Company for limited period.

The list is unlimited if you include clothing, personel equipment and footwear.

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automobile industry

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Q: Military equipment was made by who in World War 2?
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Nearly one-theird of all military equipment made during world war 2 came from what industry?

The automobile industry is the one that made most of the equipment for World War 2.

What military equipment was used in World War 2?

guns, bombs, the usual

Why did the new military equipment introduced in world war1 change the way wars were fought?

the new equipment made the war more violent.

What types of military equipment was not used during World War 1?

atomic bomb

Over a third of all military equipment made during the war was manufactured by the?

The Automotive Industry

What happened in the factorys in World War 2?

Mass production of military equipment and armed weaponry

What did Walt Disney have to do with propaganda during World War 2?

Walt Disney Productions created over 400 military insignia designs during World War II for various branches of the U.S. military. Disney also produced animated propaganda films to boost morale and support the war effort, such as "Der Fuehrer's Face" starring Donald Duck. Disney's work during the war was an example of how the entertainment industry contributed to patriotic efforts and propaganda campaigns at the time.

What type of military equipment did Great Britain have in World War 2 and how did it compare to that of enemies?

Great Britain had the same kind of military equipment as many other countries. Guns, tanks, and airplanes all aided in the war effort.

Who did Britain borrow military equipment from during World War 2?

The US provided war material of all kinds to the Allies,

What was not a major attraction luring new businesses after world war 2?

Military Hardware such as investing in companies that made equipment like tanks & Howitzer's. also the tourism business suffered .

Do military people still benefit out of war bonds?

War bonds are loans made to the government to finance a war; they do not directly affect those in the military. The only effect war bonds might have on soldiers is to indirectly fund new equipment.

Why did the the new military equipment introduced in world war 1 changed the way wars were fought?

It was easier to kill people